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Furniture Covered in Pet Hair? The Answer Is in Your Laundry Room

A dog sits on a couch surrounded by shedded fur.

We all love our pets, but what we don’t love so much is when they shed all over the place. Dog and cat fur can be particularly difficult to remove from certain types of furniture upholstery. Thankfully, though, there’s a hack for removing all that pet hair.

Static spray is the secret you’ve been waiting for to help remove your furbaby’s hair from your couches, chairs, and cushions. It’ll help you keep your home as fur-free as possible.

Much like the spray helps break the charge that causes your clothes to stick together, it’ll also break the charge that adheres pet fur to your sofa. To try this trick, simply spray it all over your upholstered furniture, and then allow it to sit for a minute.

Static Guard Bonus Pack

It's not just for your clothes.

Next, use a handheld vacuum to suck all that hair right up, and you’ll have a perfectly fur-free couch.

You can even use the spray to prevent fur accumulation before it starts. If you add a layer of static spray every time you finish vacuuming your furniture, you can help prevent new fur from sticking and becoming difficult to remove next time.

Of course, you can also prevent your pet’s hair from getting where you don’t want it by properly caring for their coat. Regular brushing sessions will help eliminate any excess fur before it lands on your couch or carpet. There are also some anti-shedding shampoos you can use at bath time.

If you’ve been struggling with keeping pet hair off your furniture, the answer might be in your laundry closet.

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