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Why You Should Invest in a Humidifier This Winter

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Winter tends to bring snow, sleet, rain, hail, and every other type of damp, cold weather. But while it might seem counterintuitive, winter can actually be the driest season of all, especially indoors. That’s why it might be time to invest in a good humidifier to restore some much-needed moisture in your home.

Warm air is better at holding onto moisture than cool, which is why summers tend to be humid and winters tend to be dry. The heat in your home also doesn’t help, since raising the temperature doesn’t increase moisture.

This is why winter often brings dry skin and hair, and chapped lips. Here are some things a humidifier can do for you this winter, along with some suggestions.

You’ll Breathe Easier & Get Sick Less

Winter is cold and flu season, which can cause irritation in your mouth, nose, and throat. Dry indoor air will only make that irritation worse. But a humidifier helps keep your nasal passages and throat comfortable, so you’ll feel that much better, even when you’re sick.

Also, if you’re prone to sinus problems or bloody noses in the winter, the dry air is probably to blame. And if you tend to have an inexplicable cough or sore throat in winter even when you’re not sick, a humidifier can also be the answer.

Even better, a humidifier might reduce the frequency of winter illness altogether. Studies suggest that higher humidity levels help deactivate the flu virus in the air, so you’re less likely to get infected. That alone is a compelling reason to invest in a humidifier this year, although, you still shouldn’t skip the flu shot.

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Your Skin and Hair Will Be Less Dry and “Staticky”

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As mentioned above, dry air also means dry hair and chapped skin. Of course, there are lots of moisturizing products you can use to combat this effect. However, they’ll work even better if the air inside your home isn’t totally dried out.

The combination of dry, indoor heat and outdoor dryness can create uncomfortable, itchy, even painful skin, and crispy, frizzy hair. A humidifier will not only make your winters more comfortable, but you’ll also probably save some cash on moisturizing products for your skin and hair.

Your hair will also retain less static electricity, so you don’t wake up every morning looking like you stuck your finger in a light socket. You’ll probably shock yourself (and others) a lot less, as well.

While shocks from static electricity don’t really hurt you, they can still be annoying. Humidifiers can help with this because more moisture in the air means less static buildup, and therefore, fewer shocks.

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You’ll Stay Warm and Snore Less

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Ever notice how humid days feel much warmer than the dry ones, even if the temperature is the same? That’s because humid air actually feels warmer than dry.

With a humidifier, you’ll feel less cold in the winter, even without turning up the heat. More comfort without higher heating bills? That’s a definite win-win.

Plus, if you or someone else is a loud snorer, it can be disruptive for everyone else in the home. While snoring has lots of causes, dry air tends to make it worse. A humidifier can’t totally cure snoring, but it can reduce it.

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How to Get the Most Out of a Humidifier

So, are you ready to run out and buy a humidifier or drag your old one out of storage now? Before you do, let’s go over some tips for ensuring you’re always using your humidifier safely and effectively:

  • Keep your humidifier clean: Running a dirty humidifier could make your problems even worse because it will contaminate the air with gross steam from dirty water. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for keeping your humidifier clean, including changing the water and replacing the filter regularly. Always clean it after taking it out of storage and before putting it away.
  • Don’t crank up the humidity: This can also make any symptoms worse and increase the risk of allergens, like mold. You should aim for a humidity level of 30-50%. If your humidifier doesn’t have a built-in humidity monitor, order one so you can keep track of the levels in your home.
  • Always use filtered water in your humidifier: This will ensure you’re not adding particles to the air from contaminated water. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for how often to fill it.
  • Place your humidifiers where you need them most: You can buy a humidifier for your entire home, or smaller models for specific rooms. Different models offer different coverage areas in square feet, so always check this to make sure you’re getting one that’s the right size. Avoid getting one that’s too big, or you could end up with too much moisture in the air.

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With a good humidifier to make your home more comfortable, so you can thrive (not just survive) this winter.

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