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Want Better Sleep? Switch Up Your Bedroom Fragrance

A woman sleeps peacefully.
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Is there anything more important than sleep? From how it can improve brain function to the energy it gives, getting quality rest is essential. If you’re having trouble, one commonly overlooked bedroom feature might help.

Your bedroom’s scent can be integral to helping you sleep. If you’ve never considered incorporating this element into your nightly routine, now might be the time.

Aromatherapy isn’t exactly a new idea, but some might be skeptical of the way scent can affect sleep. But they shouldn’t be. According to the National Sleep Foundation, fragrance can help create an ambiance that’s more conducive to sleep. In fact, there are studies that have shown a positive association between the inhalation of essential oils and sleep quality. While more rigorous study is needed, there is evidence to support the connection between sleep and scent.

If you want to give it a try, which fragrances should you try? One of the most vigorously studied is lavender. The scent has been examined in several studies among those with insomnia and has been shown to have calming effects on heart rate and blood pressure.

If you’re not into lavender, though, there’s also rose. There’s not quite as much evidence to support its benefits as there is for lavender, but there has been a study that shows it could enhance both mood and sleep.

While you might already have sleep aids like blackout curtains or cooling sheets, the scent could just be the thing your sleep routine is missing.

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