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Stop Using Prime Kitchen Storage for Seldom Used Items

a shiny sea foam green kitchen aid mixer on a white countertop
Joe Lingeman/Apartment Therapy

Most of us wish we had more kitchen storage space, and while we can’t just will a whole extra wall of cabinets into existence, we can stop using the prime real estate in our kitchen to store bulky and seldom-used items.

Over at Apartment Therapy, they have a five-item list detailing things you shouldn’t store in your lower kitchen cabinets. Among those things they suggest not storing stand mixers close to the ground because it’s hard on your back to fish them from the lower cabinets as well as anything that is seldom used:

Any small appliance that you use a couple times a year doesn’t belong in any cabinet in your small kitchen (unless, maybe, the cabinets are deep and you’re storing them in that “dead zone” in the back). This includes things like the ice cream maker you use once each summer and the large roasting pan you use at Thanksgiving. Try to decouple the idea that kitchen things have to stay in the kitchen. If you only access them annually, your special occasion appliances and kitchenware will be no less conveniently stored in a closet, garage, or under the bed.

And if your seldom-used item happens to be a stand mixer, well then, you know what to do: store it anywhere but your kitchen.

We’ll admit that, historically, we were quite guilty of storing rarely used items in the kitchen for precisely the reason outlined above (the idea that kitchen things need to stay in the kitchen where food prep happens). Breaking free from that narrow way of thinking about it helped in two ways, though. First, it immediately freed up space in our kitchen. Second, once something is out of the kitchen, it is so much easier to think of it as less valuable (after all, it’s not so frequently used and useful that you keep it in the kitchen anymore). Once you stop thinking of it as a valuable and necessary part of your kitchen, giving it to a friend or donating, it is a less emotional experience.

For more tips on what you shouldn’t store in your kitchen and how to use storage therein more efficiently, check out the full article at Apartment Therapy.



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