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Fruit Gone Bad? Make Butterfly Food

A butterfly sits on a piece of fruit.

We’ve all had the best intentions with our produce-buying, but sometimes, you just never end up meeting your goal of eating all those fruits and veggies. But before you toss your spoiled fruit, you might want to consider another use for it.

You can make butterfly food out of your spoiled fruit.

Honestly, you don’t really even have to “make” anything. Butterflies love rotten fruit all by itself. The creatures feed off of the sugar that’s accumulated as well as the fermentation that’s beginning to happen. All you need to do is set it outside.

It’s best to place the fruit on a plate, and since it will likely also attract other creatures—like ants—you’ll also want to place it away from any patio or seating area to avoid drawing them near you. If the fruit begins to dry out while sitting in the sun, simply add a bit of water or fruit juice to the plate.

Songbird Essentials Butterfly Feeder

Keep other pests away from your feeder by opting for a hanging one.

If sitting a plate of rotting fruit out in your yard or on a surface makes you nervous due to the potential to attract other animals, you can also opt for a butterfly feeder. Many of them are hangable, and you’re able to fill them with “butterfly water”—a mixture of four parts water to one part sugar. You can also continue to place your fruit on them as well.

Want to attract even more butterflies? Try including the flowers and plants they love as well.

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