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Storing Winter Clothes? Grab Some Lavender

Winter clothes are placed in a box.

Other than the occasional cold snap in some locations, warm weather is probably here to stay, which means it’s also probably time to stash those winter clothes. Before you do, though, there’s some expert storage advice you might want to take.

According to Bailey Carson, home care expert at Angi, when you store your winter (or summer) clothes, it’s a good idea to toss a tightly sealed lavender sachet in the box or bin with them. Not only does lavender prevent moths from getting to your clothing, but it also surrounds them in a pleasant scent until you’re ready to get them back out again.

And, let’s be honest, the smell of lavender is markedly better than that of mothballs.

Lavande Sur Terre French Lavender Sachets for Drawers and Closets

You can purchase premade sachets for your winter storage.

Lavender wasn’t Carson’s only suggestion, though. She also recommended lining your clothing storage containers with a plain cotton sheet. The barrier will prevent your winter clothes from snagging on any harsh edges. Rolling your clothing instead of folding them will also prevent any hard creasing and save space.

If it’s time to bid goodbye to your winter sweaters, be sure to also give them proper care before tucking them away. And don’t forget to grab some lavender, so when the cold weather comes again, your sweaters will smell fresh and lovely.

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