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5 Ways to Create a Beautiful Edge on Your Piecrust

A homemade pie crust, freshly molded into the pie tin, sitting on a rustic kitchen counter.
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Creating a lovely edge is a simple way to dress up your pie before you throw it into the oven. On your next pie-baking day, impress your family with one of these five borders.

You’ve likely seen your grandmother use a fork to crimp the edge of a pie, and it works great for keeping the insides of the pie from spilling out. However, there are a few methods that will take your skills to a new level.

Traditional Fork Crimp Edge

Using a fork to crimp the edge of the pie.
Emilee Unterkoefler / LifeSavvy

We don’t want to leave out the basics, just in case you’ve never tried this traditional style. Press down along the edge of your pie crust using a fork to create a traditional and straightforward crimp style. Try this using various fork sizes and even crisscross your crimps to create different designs.

Fluted Edge

Using a thumb from one hand, and an index finger and thumb from the other hand, this picture demonstrates someone fluting a pie crust.
Emilee Unterkoefler / LifeSavvy

Use two hands to pinch the crust. Push your index finger from one hand in between the thumb and index finger of your other hand. For a larger fluted crust, use the same method of pinching the edge of the crust. Instead of using your index finger, push your thumb from one hand into the index finger and thumb of the other hand.

Rope Pie Edge

Creating a rope like boarder using a thumb and index finger.
Emilee Unterkoefler / LifeSavvy

Press your thumb (at an angle) onto the edge of your crust and use the side of your index finger to pinch the dough. Continue doing so until you’ve made it around to the other side. Your crust will have a rope-like appearance.

Mini Cookie Cutter Edge

Small Squares have been added to a pie to create a modern edge.
Emilee Unterkoefler / LifeSavvy

Using mini cookie cutters or a pastry wheel, cut out or design small shapes with extra pie dough scraps. Lightly brush the edge of your pie crust with a minimal amount of water and arrange your cutouts.

Braided Edge

A long braided edge has been added to the border of a pie.
Emilee Unterkoefler / LifeSavvy

If you have a large amount of excess pie dough scraps, roll them out, and use a pastry wheel to cut three long strands. Braid the three pieces together, then lightly brush the edge of your crust with water, and gently press your braid along the border.

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