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April’s New Book List Has Something for Everyone

Book covers for "How to Tell a Story," "Portrait of a Thief," and "Unmasked"
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The first quarter of the year is nearly over, but 2022’s best books have only just begun to arrive. This April, the buzziest new books include edge-of-your-seat thrillers, charming romances, and some inspiring nonfiction that will leave you wanting more.

It’s the perfect time to try out a new genre or find a new comfort read, so don’t miss these amazing titles coming soon:

Portrait of a Thief: A Novel

Grace D. Li gives us a fabulous Ocean’s Eleven-esque heist story with an anticolonial twist. By day, art history major Will Chen is the perfect student and the perfect son. Then, a mysterious Chinese benefactor recruits him for a heist to steal back priceless Chinese art that was looted by Westerners centuries ago. Will puts together a “dream team,” but can they pull it off? And, if they do, what happens next? Release date: April 5.

Business Not As Usual

In Sharon B. Cooper’s new novel, Dreamy’s life isn’t currently the way she wants it, but she’s convinced that with some luck and the lottery win she’s dreaming of, she’ll be a success. Her plans go awry, however, with the arrival of venture capitalist, Karter, who finds Dreamy’s unorthodox approach to life and business intriguing. Might they be exactly what the other needs to achieve their dreams? Release date: April 5.

Easy Beauty: A Memoir

Chloé Cooper Jones’ memoir dives into the details of her life and experiences living with a rare congenital condition called sacral agenesis. Weaving together stories from her own life with her observations on aesthetics and philosophy, she explores how we view beauty, and what that means for all of us. Release date: April 5.

Sea of Tranquility: A novel

Station Eleven author Emily St. John Mandel is back with another tale tinged with sci-fi, love, and questions about human nature. Multiple storylines from different centuries are woven together in this imaginative work. In 1912, a young man faces exile and must uproot his whole life; a young woman in the 22nd century leaves her moon colony home to seek inspiration on earth; and a detective investigates strange happenings that might involve travel through time and space. Release date: April 5.

To Marry and to Meddle: A Novel (The Regency Vows)

For anyone looking for more Regency romance after binging Bridgerton, this one from Martha Waters is for you! Lady Emily needs a way out of being used as a pawn to stave off her parents’ debts. Meanwhile, Lord Julian needs respectability to elevate his theater. The solution? A marriage of convenience, of course! When these two very different people come together, they both learn new things about themselves, as well as what they want out of life and love. Release date: April 5.

Bittersweet (Oprah's Book Club): How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole

Susan Cain’s nonfiction book explores the power of the bittersweet: that space where light and dark, joy and sorrow, and other opposites collide. This book takes a deep dive into this complex emotion, as well as how it can be life-changing when harnessed and appreciated for what it is. Release date: April 5.

Let's Not Do That Again: A Novel

Political families: they’re just like ours—except far more dramatic. In Grant Ginder’s new novel, Nancy Harrison has a great campaign for Senate, but her biggest liability could be her own children, both of whom are drifting through life. When her daughter gets entangled in a political scandal, Nancy and her son try to stop the damage before it’s too late, with mixed results. Release date: April 12.

The No-Show

The three women at the center of Beth O’Leary’s latest novel have nothing in common—except they all got stood up, on Valentine’s Day, by the exact same guy. It’s up to them to figure out the truth behind the mystery guy, and their discoveries aren’t what they expect. All the while, they’re learning a few things about themselves along the way. Release date: April 12.

Take My Hand

Dolen Perkins-Valdez’ new story takes place in 1970s Alabama, where Civil Townsend, a young Black nurse, works in maternal care and family planning. She’s horrified when she discovers some of the medical treatments the women she cares for are being subjected to. Years later, and now a doctor on the verge of retirement, Civil recalls the powerful and devastating cases she faced, and how very little has changed over the decades. Release date: April 12.

The Patron Saint of Second Chances: A Novel

A tiny Italian village becomes the center of a media storm in this humorous novel by Christine Simon. Desperate to raise enough money to fix the town’s pipes, the eccentric mayor starts a rumor that a movie star will be filming in their village. The white lie spins out of control until there’s only one way out: make the movie for real! Release date: April 12.

An Arrow to the Moon

If you like magical realism or fantasy that’s a little subtler in its approach, pick up Emily X.R. Pan’s new novel. A blend of Romeo and Juliet and Chinese mythology, two teenagers from feuding families are inexplicably drawn to each other, as strange things start happening in their town. The closer they get, the more powerful they feel—and the more they attract the attention of those who have been searching for them. Release date: April 12.

A Woman of Endurance: A Novel

The Puerto Rican-Atlantic slave trade is the focus of this devastating historical novel by Dahma Llanos-Figueroa. Pola is abducted from her African home and sold into slavery to be bear children who will also be slaves. Pola suffers many terrible things, but eventually, she finds community and love, and learns how to survive, thrive, and reclaim her story. Release date: April 12.

The Romantic Agenda

Claire Kann’s fabulous rom-com goes way beyond love triangles. Joy is asexual, but secretly in love with her BFF, Malcolm. During a weekend getaway, their love lives intersect in unexpected ways, and Joy learns to embrace what she’s always wanted and deserved. Release date: April 12.

Blood Sugar

Sascha Rothchild’s novel explores what happens when a cheerful murderer is accused of a crime she didn’t actually commit. After committing three murders, Ruby settles down into a happy, “normal” life—until her husband is murdered. Then, of course, she’s the prime suspect. The story alternates between past and present as Ruby tries to clear her name. Release date: April 19.

The Paris Showroom

In the 1940s Paris setting of Juliet Blackwell’s novel, Capucine Benoit’s life as a fan-maker for haute couture houses comes to a grinding halt with the Nazi occupation. Her fashion background saves her from deportation, but lands her, instead, in a secret camp to sort through valuables stolen from Jews. When Capucine’s daughter joins the Resistance, both women’s trajectories are changed forever. Release date: April 19.

Go Hex Yourself

Reggie thinks she’s answering a job ad to work behind the scenes on her favorite card game. Instead, she’s now the assistant of a literal witch! In this new rom-com by Jessica Clare, being a witch’s apprentice definitely has its perks. However, it also means being in constant contact with Ben, her new boss’s grumpy, judgey nephew, who, it turns out, might be Reggie’s only hope when disaster strikes. Release date: April 19.

One of Us Is Dead

In Jeneva Rose’s thriller, four women in an elite, gossipy community find their lives intersecting. Shannon, the “ex-queen” gets dumped by her politician husband; Crystal is the new woman in charge; Olivia is the long-overlooked wannabe; and Jenny is the salon owner who knows it all. When it comes to status, nothing is off-limits for these women. Release date: April 26.

Everything Must Go

A professional organizer’s life begins to unravel in this contemporary novel by Camille Pagán. Her marriage is faltering, her relationships with her sisters are fragile, and her mother is facing a health crisis. As Laine tries to hold everyone together, she finally has to allow herself to fall apart in order to come back together. Release date: April 26.

Unmasked: My Life Solving America's Cold Cases

Can’t get enough true crime? Dig into Paul Holes’ new nonfiction book, in which he recounts some of the cold cases he worked on during his career as a detective. Famed for tracking down the Golden State Killer, Holes gets honest about what it really takes to make a career out of digging into some of the darkest parts of humanity. Release date: April 26.

Kaikeyi: A Novel

In the epic Indian tale, the Ramayana, queen Kaikeyi is an antagonistic force, who is jealous and villainous. In this novel, however, Vaishnavi Patel reimagines her story, following Kaikeyi as she evolves from an overlooked princess to a powerful warrior queen, with only herself and mysterious magic to guide her. But the gods have another fate in store for her. Release date: April 26.

How to Tell a Story

The Moth has spent decades working with people from all over the world and inspiring them to tell their stories. Now, these expert storytellers are sharing their tips with everyone. This nonfiction book offers tips and strategies on how to craft stories that move people, whether just among friends, in public, or in the working world. Release date: April 26.

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