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Why Rinsing Is the Most Important Step of Bathroom Cleaning


There’s no shortage of clever bathroom cleaning hacks. However, one cleaning step might just be more effective than any of those TikTok videos you’ve seen.

Rinsing is the most important step in your cleaning routine, and there’s a good reason why.

First, let’s talk about the products you use. You should definitely be disinfecting your bathroom, and if you’re using those products the right way, you know they need to sit. Most disinfectants have a five to seven-minute wait once applied to surfaces.

During that time, they’re killing off any germs or bacteria, and once they’re done you should wipe them clean. Turns out, though, that wiping and rinsing them away is just as important as that wait time.

Cleaning service The Maids explains that rinsing is a key (and perhaps the most important) step in your bathroom clean. Why? Many chemicals in cleaners are designed to attract dirt and grime. Think about the enzymes and surfactants that cling to and break down soap scum for example. If those remain on a surface when they’re not designed to be left there, you’ll end up with dirty countertops and surfaces despite how hard you cleaned.

Yes, some disinfectants are totally fine being left on surfaces and allowed to dry. However, if you’re using traditional all-purpose cleaners, your rinse routine could just be better than any cleaning hack you’ve seen.

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