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Why You Should Put a Paper Bag in Your Fridge Drawer

A fridge's doors are open to reveal fresh vegetables and fruit.

When it’s time to spring clean your fridge, this task can seem daunting—particularly when it comes to getting rid of strange smells that have built up over time. However, there’s a simple trick to prevent this, and it requires very little work.

All you need to get rid of refrigerator odors is a paper bag.

Perhaps the biggest culprit for odors is your produce drawers. Let’s be honest, we often forget to eat all those veggies we had great intentions for at the beginning of the week. The result is that even after being cleaned, smells can linger. A paper bag can fix that.

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All you need to do is crinkle up a paper bag, place it in the empty drawer, and allow it to sit for 48 hours. The bag will absorb the smell. You don’t even need to use a paper bag. You can also use some crinkled-up newspaper for the same effect.

This hack works because paper bags and newspapers are fibrous, and when placed in your drawers, those fibers can help to absorb smells. You can also superpower this trick, too. Charcoal is also a quality odor remover. Pop a piece of it or some pellets into the bag, and then, add it into the drawer for even more odor absorption.

If fridge organization is on your spring cleaning list, this might be an easy new cleaning hack for the process.

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