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Why You Should Be Putting Newspaper in Your Garden

Newspapers are stacked on a table outdoors.

It’s that time of year again. Time to head outdoors and get your hands dirty in the garden. But this year, you might want to bring along some newspaper—just not for reading.

Newspaper makes an effective weed repellent and fertilizer, and it’s incredibly easy to use.

When looking to stop weed growth, newspaper does an excellent job. Moisture and oxygen can still reach the soil, but it’ll work to suppress weeds by smothering them and not allowing them to push through the soil.

In addition to helping prevent weeds, newspaper is also biodegradable, so it will break down and decompose which will add organic matter o your soil. Plus, since it does so, there’s no reason to remove it once it’s in use. Simply let it stay in place and allow it to dissipate over time.

U-Haul Newsprint Packing Paper for Moving and Shipping

This paper will work just like the official paper.

Want to try this affordable hack? First, you’ll need to grab any leftover newspaper you have or buy a pack of the paper on Amazon. Then, tear or cut it into small strips. They’ll make it easier to arrange. Layer them in threes overlapping the seams. When done, be sure to weigh the material down with rocks, bricks, or use a light covering of straw to conceal the paper. Then, you’re done.

If you’ve been struggling with weeds popping up in your garden, this easy and affordable hack might be the answer.

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