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Should You Use Aluminum Foil in Your Air Fryer?

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If you’ve ever cleaned an air fryer, you likely already know that the process can be a bit laborious. While important, let’s be honest, we all want to extend the time between cleanings. Could aluminum foil be the way to do it?

As it turns out, yes, aluminum foil is safe to use in your air fryer, and it can help keep the small appliance clean. Part of an air fryer’s magic is its ability to transform classically unhealthy foods, like wings, into slightly healthier versions. However, making some of these foods also makes your appliance really messy.

That’s where the aluminum foil comes in! Before you try this hack, though, be sure to check the owner’s manual for your air fryer to make sure it doesn’t explicitly say not to put aluminum foil in there.

To try this out, just tear a sheet of aluminum foil and fold it so that it’s small enough to sit snuggly in the basket. Place it inside, but be careful not to cover the fan or heating element. Then, place your food inside and cook as normal.

COSORI Air Fryer Oven Combo

Make those wings perfecly.

Of course, smaller models might not be able to handle the addition. However, you could always try parchment paper. Because of its lighter weight, it won’t take up as much space and it won’t block airflow or heat while cooking.

If you’re tired of constantly cleaning your air fryer after making wings or a particularly saucy dish, aluminum foil might be your new best friend.

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