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Never Waste Food Again with This Fridge Storage Tip

Two crisper drawers filled with fruits and veggies inside of someones fridge.
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We’ve all shoved leftovers in the back of the fridge and forgotten about them, or had those weeks where we didn’t eat all the produce we bought. Thankfully, there might be an organization hack that can help prevent all that food waste.

Alyssa Miller shared a refrigerator organization method on her Instagram that will ensure all of your must-finish foods remain front and center, so you won’t forget to eat them.

In her video, Miller showcases a clear, acrylic bin with food inside at the front of her fridge that’s labeled, “Need to Use.” She pulls out the bin and explains that it’s always kept in the same place at the front. As food nears its expiration or use-by date, she places it inside this bin.

By keeping the food at the front and knowing it needs to be eaten, Miller says she’s been able to dramatically cut down her food waste. Plus, because she eats all the food she purchases, the hack also saves her money.

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Stay organized and prevent food waste.

Miller isn’t the only content creator that has hacks for helping you ensure you don’t waste food. K.C. Davis went viral last September for what she dubbed her “ADHD-Friendly” organization method. With it, you’ll switch out your veggies for your condiments to keep them front and center and remind you to eat them.

If you’re looking for ways to save money on groceries, ensuring you’re eating everything you have is a great way to go. This organization hack can help.

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