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How a Curtain Rod Can Double Your Cabinet Space

Cleaning supplies sit in a pantry.
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Everyone seems to be looking for easy ways to get extra storage space. After all, we can’t all undergo major renovations to create new spaces. You probably never thought to turn to your shower or windows as a way to do it.

A tension rod—like those used for windows or showers curtains—can help double your storage space, and it’s not only an easy hack but an affordable one.

This trick works particularly well for spaces where you plan to store cleaning supplies. All you need to do is measure your space—be it a pantry or closet—and find one that fits. Install it under your sink or in your pantry, and then, you’re able to hang cleaning supplies.

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Since cleaners often come in spray bottles, they’re the most obvious choice to hang from the rod, and in the process, you can potentially clear up a whole new shelf. When you need to get to items stored behind the cleaners, simply slid them out of the way and grab your item.

You can also hang microfiber towels and cleaning brushes from the rod. Install as many as you need and keep your shelves free for items you’re unable to hang.

The next time you begin bemoaning your lack of storage space, you might want to snag some tension rods.

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