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How to Prevent Parchment Paper From Rolling

A role of parchment paper is in between baking ingredients.

If you’re a frequent baker, you know that parchment paper can be your best friend. However, you also know it can be a real pain to deal with thanks to its propensity for rolling. As it turns out, though, there’s a hack for that.

Content creator Michelle Lopez showcased how to prevent parchment paper from rolling, and it’s markedly simpler than you might think.

In her video, Lopez begins by placing a piece of parchment paper onto a rimmed baking sheet. Once she removes her hands, the paper immediately begins to roll up. As a solution, she picks up the paper and scrunched it up into a loose ball in her hands. Then, she carefully pulls it apart and places it back on top of the baking sheet bending the edges a bit to better fit the sheet. When she does, it doesn’t roll at all, and she’s able to easily place cookies on top.

While this trick might not work for recipes that require a perfectly flat bottom (like candy), it’s a winner for those looking to bake bread, cookies, or any other baked good. It requires no additional tools, basically no additional time, and still works like a charm.

If you’ve got some bread or Easter baked goods in your future, this parchment paper hack might be for you.

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