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This Affordable Hack Can Help Organize Your Drawers

A person opens a drawer.

We’ve all got a few less-than-spotless drawers in our home. While they might seem like a real pain to organize, there’s actually an easy and affordable hack that can help you out.

A tension rod is the secret to organized drawers. Of course, you’re probably thinking there are drawer organizers out there, and you’d be right.

However, if you’ve ever used them, you know they’re able to group different things—like pencils, utensils, or other small items—together, but in terms of creating zones or sections in your drawer, they’re not the best. That’s where tension rods come in.

Qinsou Cupboard Bars Tension Rods

Grab a pack and use the hack in multiple drawers.

The hack comes from Jes Marican of Denver Home Organizing who used tension rods to organize a spice drawer. Because of the rods, she was able to create sections for different spices based on the heights of the bottles.

Plus, not only do the rods create spaces to group different items (in this case spices), but they also prevent drawer organizers from moving when placed inside. When the drawer opens and closes, the additional organizers won’t slide to the front or back, jostling whatever’s inside.

If the idea of organizing your drawers has seemed daunting, this affordable and easy-to-use hack might be the answer.

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