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These Three Products Can Clean Your Entire House

A basket of cleaning supplies sits on a wooden floor as someone mops.

We’re all looking to save as much money as possible right about now. If you’re focused on cutting down general household costs, cleaning supplies are one area where you shave off some serious cash.

According to  Jan M. Dougherty, cleaning expert and author of The Lost Art of Housecleaning, you only need three products to clean your entire house. First on her list is Krud Kutter, the biodegradable, non-toxic cleaner and degreaser. Then, good ole undiluted white vinegar and Old English wood cleaner.

Dougherty touts Krud Kutter as the cleaner that can do it all. From spot-cleaning laundry or removing soap scum, to cleaning leather, wood, or carpet, this multipurpose product is her go-to.

Krud Kutter One Gallon Original Concentrated Cleaner and Degreaser

Dilute this solution, and it can last up to a year.

You will have to dilute it, though. Dougherty recommends pouring five parts of water into a spray bottle, and then adding one part of Krud Kutter (to prevent bubbling). Best of all, one gallon of the cleaner should last you an entire year if you dilute it this way.

As for the vinegar and Old English, they’re for surface and maintenance cleaning. Doughtery recommends spraying your tub, shower, and kitchen surfaces with vinegar and wiping them clean with a rag to sterilize.

Old English, meanwhile, is perfect for polishing wooden furniture and stainless-steel appliances.

Old English Lemon Oil

To get that polish and shine.

Following this method, you’ll likely spend only around $50 for an entire year’s worth of cleaning supplies. Sure, you might still need the occasional grout cleaner for more intense stains or grime, but you’re sure to have the extra cash for those products if you follow this cost-cutting advice.

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