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5 Easter Egg Dyeing Hacks That Will Save Your Kitchen

A child's hands covered in different colors of dye.
Helmut Fig Newton/Shuttersock.com

Every Easter, we all think this is the year the dye will only end up on the eggs. One redecorated pastel kitchen later, we all accept defeat for yet another year. Well, not this time! These three Easter egg-dyeing hacks will save your home from the clutches of precious pinks and baby blues.

Even if you’re a fan of abstract art, you’d probably prefer it on a canvas, not, like, on your walls in the shape of little hands. If you want this year’s Easter egg-dyeing fun to be a lot less messy, we got you.

A Whisk for Everyone

The first step for any egg-decorating session should be to get all of your little dye-masters a whisk! Shannon, the crafty namesake from At Home with Shannon, shared this ingenious tip that will save your table (and who knows what else). Instead of the useless wands you get with the decorating kits, just grab some whisks!

OXO Good Grips 11-Inch Balloon Whisk

Who knew it was also an Easter necessity?

You just slip the egg between the wires in the whisk, and then everyone can dip it in the dye and stir to their heart’s content!

We also recommend using a plastic tablecloth like Shannon does in the video, so no matter where anyone lays their Easter-colored whisk, it won’t stain your table.

Tegeme Easter Bunny Paw Print Plastic Tablecloth, 51 x 86 Inch

Save your table from purple, pink, blue, and yellow.

Rice, Glitter, & Egg Spinners


Our next three helpful and less-messy dyeing tips come courtesy of yet another clever mom: Jill from over at Jillcomesclean. For her first hack, you’ll need the following items:

Dump some rice in each bowl, drop about eight drops of each color on the rice, put on the lid and shake until it’s mixed. The best part is the eggs will be almost dry when you take them out, thanks to the rice.

If you prefer polka-dot eggs, just apply some glue dots to your eggs. Fill your bowls with different colors of glitter instead of rice, drop in your egg, and then shake for some incredibly cute eggs.

Finally, there’s the Eggmazing Egg Spinner! This handy gadget is probably the least messy way to decorate Easter eggs ever invented. You just put the egg in the spinner, choose a marker, turn it on, and start decorating—no water, messy dyes, or glitter required.

The Eggmazing Basket Easter Egg Decorating Kit

Comes with eight non-toxic markers.

Grab the Vinegar

This Easter egg hack takes more time because it’s a bit of a science experiment. All you need is some fresh eggs, food coloring, vinegar, an eyedropper, and some glass jars. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Place each egg at the bottom of one of the jars
  2. Pour in some vinegar until the egg is submerged
  3. Drop in some food coloring. (You can experiment with the amount of drops in each jar).
  4.  Leave the eggs in the jars for a couple of days, but change out the vinegar and food coloring each day.

When you take them out, the eggs will not only be larger, they’ll feel rubbery instead of hard. You can experiment with boiled eggs, too, if you want.

AIVIKI 8 Oz. Mason Jars

Add an egg, vinegar, some dye, and wait.

Dyeing Easter eggs is always fun, but it’s also pretty messy. Armed with these easy, much cleaner hacks, though, you can keep the pastels on the eggs instead of your walls.

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