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13 Internet Food & Cooking Hacks that Actually Work

A woman throwing spaghetti, a man holding two onions, and a man dipping honey into a jar.
Instructables/Ethan Chlebowski/@stoveandgarden

The internet is crammed with all kinds of hacks, including a ton for food and cooking. Some just seem too good to be true, though. That’s why we decided to investigate and found 13 internet food hacks that absolutely work!

From avoiding teary eyes during your onion chopping adventures to a superfast way to shred chicken or pork, these proven food hacks really do get the job done.

The Easy Way to Measure Sticky Ingredients

Stove Garden from TikTok demonstrating how to measur stick ingredients using olive oil.

Measuring sticky ingredients like agave nectar, honey, and maple syrup can be a real pain because they stick to the spoon. You can now put all your clingy conundrums aside, thanks to @stoveandgarden on TikTok. He’s given us all a helpful trick that works!


Highly Requested HACKS #cookinghacks #cookingtips #food

♬ original sound - Stove Garden

Using your finger, spread a tiny amount of neutral-flavored oil on your measuring spoon before measuring out your honey or other sticky ingredients. Then, watch it slide right off like nothing!

If you have a similar issue with eggs sticking to your metal or plastic spatula, you can use this same technique. Spread a bit of oil or melted butter on the edge of your cooking utensil, and then get to scrambling.

You can also stick to (no pun intended) a silicone utensil; it won’t stick and is safer for your skillet.

OXO Good Grips Silicone Spatula

Non-stick and safe for your skillet.

Throwing Spaghetti

I have one very fond memory of my grand-mère tossing a single strand of spaghetti at her kitchen cabinet to see if it was done. Paired with her rambunctious laugh, I couldn’t help but shriek in excitement as a young child.

Whether she tested her pasta that way every time or just enjoyed making me giggle, that silly spaghetti-testing strategy actually does work! The trick is to throw one strand at a time, not a handful. If it sticks, it’s done, but if it doesn’t, keep on boiling.

So, next time spaghetti’s on the menu and you’re unsure if it’s done, grab a strand and toss it at the nearest wall. This technique is sure to amuse your family and put a smile on your face, as well.

The Easiest Way to Chop a Bell Pepper

TikTok content creator Elena Besser demonstrating how to cut a bell pepper the quickest and easiest way.
Elena Besser/TikTok

Next time you need to prep a bell pepper or two, you can avoid worrying about those pesky seeds by following this genius hack from @elenabesser on TikTok.


The best way to cut a pepper 🫑 #bessersbasics

♬ original sound - Elena Besser

First, she demonstrates how you slice the top and bottom of the pepper off. Then, she runs the knife blade along the inside of the pepper, disconnecting the membrane. It’s quick, easy, and we love it!

You can also use this hack when making stuffed peppers. Just cut the top off your pepper, but leave the bottom intact. Then, run your knife along the inside to remove the membrane. Reach in with your fingers and pull out the insides.

If any seeds are left behind, just flip your pepper upside down, and pat the bottom. The seeds will fall out, and you’ll be ready to stuff!

Microwave Scrambled Eggs

In a hurry to get breakfast on the table? Sounds like a typical morning to me! Luckily, you can skip the skillet altogether and cook your eggs in the handy, dandy microwave.

We typically add a dash of heavy cream or milk to our eggs before mixing and microwaving them. It adds a creamy, rich flavor you’ll love. A bit of cream cheese mixed in at the end always hits the spot, too.

The idea is to stop every 15 seconds and mix lightly. This will help break up the eggs nicely before turning them into one big omelet, unless, of course, that’s what you want! If so, you can do that this way, too.

Dice an Onion in Under a Minute

Dicing an onion in less than one minute using an old school culinary arts technique.
Emilee Unterkoefler / LifeSavvy

Some might call this a clever hack, but I call it Culinary Arts 101. If you’ve always wondered how chefs get their onions chopped up so quickly, while still creating a uniform dice, the steps are pretty simple.

It’s all about slicing the stem end from the onion and cutting the onion in half. Then, you make vertical slices, followed by a few horizontal, and watch as those little uniform pieces appear on your cutting board.

Gorilla Grip Reversible Cutting Board Set of Three

For chopping perfectly shaped onions and bell peppers.

No More Onion Tears

Speaking of onions, who’s tired of crying over them? Well, you’re in luck because a bit of science has helped reveal a sure-fire method to avoid this next time you get to slicing these particularly pungent veggies.

When you cut into an onion, a molecule called the lachrymator is released. This is what gives off that signature onion scent, followed by the classic case of the boo-hoos.

In Ethan Chlebowski’s video above, he demonstrates how to avoid this. You’ll see him slice the onion two ways: orbitally and root to stem. While each method has its perks depending on what you’re making, it’s cutting it from root to stem that limits weepy-eye syndrome.

Thicken Creamy Soups with This Secret Ingredient

A crock filled with hearty and creamy baked potato soup.
AS Food studio/Shutterstock.com

There are several ways you can thicken soups and sauces aside from making a traditional roux out of butter and flour or cornstarch. One of the most ingenious ways came to us from our founder and CEO, who sprinkles instant mashed potato flakes on his bouillon.

It provides a rich, potatoey flavor, and thickens your soup instantaneously—like magic. Try it on any creamy soup, like cheddar broccoli, baked potato, or a thick corn chowder.

IDAHOAN Original Instant Mashed Potatoes

Thicken your creamy soup instantly.

How to Bake, and Not Burn in an Uneven Oven

A nordic ware baking sheet with cookies on it.
Nordic Ware

There’s something to be said about ancient appliances. For the most part, they were built to last much longer than most of our modern stuff, and many work great for decades. But eventually, they do start crapping out.

One common issue you’ll run into with an older oven is uneven baking. If this sounds a lot like your timeworn beige oven with heat coils, then boy, do we have the hack for you!

Are the bottoms of your cookies (or anything else you’re baking) constantly coming out burnt? If so, all you have to do is add another sheet pan under the other one. Doubling up helps prevent the excess heat from burning the bottoms of your baked goodies.

And nothing beats the durable construction of a Nordic Ware sheet pan. We’ve been using ours for some time now, and won’t ever buy a cheap baking sheet again.

Nordic Ware Baking Sheets

Two of these, and you can say goodbye to burnt cookies.

The Easiest Way to Remove Salmon Skin

A lot of people avoid cooking salmon because they hate dealing with the skin. Unless you’ve had practice working your way down the fillet to separate the skin from the flesh, you can accidentally butcher your precious (and expensive) fish.

Fear not, however, because this genius hot water hack allows you to avoid using a knife altogether. By pouring hot boiling water over the skin side, it helps separate the skin, which will then peel off clean. Similarly, when salmon is cooked skin-side down, the skin naturally detaches from the flesh.

The same heat application method works well when grilling your salmon thanks to the heat from the grates. Cook it skin-side down first, and then, using tongs, peel the skin off when you flip.

The Superfast Way to Shred Chicken, Pork, and Beef

Three images of a TikTok video demonstrating how to shred chicken using a hand mixer.

This awesome hack comes to us courtesy of Kristy McCammon over on TikTok. It allows you to shred chicken, pork, or even slow-cooked beef incredibly fast, and all you need is a hand mixer! Who knew? With the press of a button, you’ll watch your cooked meat go from solid to shreds in a flash.


Thank you tiktok #kitchenhack #foodhack #tiktokmademedoit #fylシ

♬ Hey Look Ma, I Made It - Panic! At The Disco

It’ll also work with a stand mixer—just throw on the paddle attachment and watch as that powerful motor shreds that meat with ease.

KitchenAid Classic 4.5 Qt Stand Mixer

Shredding meat is just one thing you can use this beauty for.

Coffee Cubes

If you still haven’t come around to making coffee ice cubes, now’s the time! Summer is just around the corner, and coffee (like everything else) is getting expensive.

To do it, just pour any leftover morning brew into an ice cube tray, freeze, and you’ve got perfectly chilled cubes ready to add to your homemade iced coffee. You’ll never have to worry about watered-down iced coffee again, and none of your morning joe will go to waste either. It’s a win-win!

Kingswere Easy Release Ice Cube Tray

It's time to create some coffee cubes.

Coffee Your Garden

If you’re not into iced coffee, there’s something else you can do with that extra morning brew. You’ve definitely heard of watering your garden, but how about “coffeeing” your garden?

Believe it or not, a little bit of cooled, diluted coffee can benefit your plants due to the abundance of minerals it contains, including magnesium and potassium. These are excellent for optimal plant growth, and this hack is also another fantastic way to reduce waste.

Leftover coffee grounds also make a fantastic fertilizer, as well, so if you’re getting into gardening this year or learning the ins and outs of composting, you’ll love this hack. All you have to do is mix it into your soil and watch your plants thrive.

Starbucks even has a cool program that allows customers to snag some free leftover grounds to add to their gardening soil. Just call your location and ask if they participate in the program.

Prevent Your Guac from Turning Brown

A big red bowl full of guacamole with ingredients surrounding it including cilantro, jalapeno, avocado, red onion and more.

Keeping an avocado green is always tricky. They get soft and form unsightly brown spots once they come in contact with oxygen. Ugh!

While there are many hacks for keeping avocados fresh, my new favorite comes courtesy of one of my fellow writers here at LifeSavvy, Shea Simmons.

We regularly make guacamole at our place, and I love adding some pico de Gallo to the mix for a quick and easy dinner. The thing is, I’ve had no idea that all this time, it was the pico that was helping our guac stay green!

Of course, this is probably because dip doesn’t last too long around here. All you have to do is layer some pico de Gallo over the top of your guac before stashing it in the fridge, and you’re all set. If it makes it to the fridge, that is.

The internet is loaded with food prep and cooking hacks, but some just sound too good to be true … because they are. That’s why we decided to share 13 LifeSavvy tested and approved shortcuts that can actually save you time, tears, and even a little money! Plus, some of them are just plain fun.

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