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This is The Chore People Spend the Most Time Doing Each Week

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Sometimes, it feels like we spend most of our days doing household chores and tasks. From dusting to organizing, there’s a mile-long list of tasks, but is there one that takes up more time than others?

According to a recent survey, cooking and grocery shopping are the household chores people spend the most time doing weekly.

FinanceBuzz surveyed 1,000 Americans, ages 18 and older, regarding all the things that go into keeping a home running. The results showed that cooking meals and grocery shopping are the tasks that take up the most time throughout people’s weeks.

On average, people from the survey spent up to 60-90 minutes per week cooking and grocery shopping. While the higher end of that range outpaced everything else on the list, the lower end was actually tied with another chore: laundry.

Laundry actually took the second place slot overall with a range of 45-60 minutes spent on the tasks weekly. Then, third place was a tie between four tasks: cleaning up after pets, cleaning up after kids, cleaning the floor, and loading and unloading the dishwasher.

FinanceBuzz then looked at tasks annually. You might be a little sad to learn that people spend up to 72 hours per year cooking and buying groceries and up to 52 hours doing laundry.

How do your household chore times stack up against these results? If they match up, it might be time to find some easy dinner ideas and laundry hacks. 

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