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Beyond Roasting: 7 Scrumptious Ways to Serve Brussels Sprouts

a delicious casserole dish filled with cheesy Brussels sprouts

You either love them or hate them, but these mini cabbages inevitably make their way to Thanksgiving day tables every year.  Try out one of these new recipes this time around.

If you aren’t the biggest fan of these little green veggies, some of these recipes may change your mind. From cheesy to crispy or sweet and even a gratin style, you might find yourself turning a new Brussels sprout leaf.  Check out these seven recipes we found for you.

 Cheesy Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

A pot of brussel sprouts with cheese and bacon.
The Chunky Chef

Here’s an example of a recipe that might turn you into a sprout lover. The author of this recipe teaches you how to trim and prep Brussels sprouts before turning them into this delicious casserole dish.

Many recipes require you to make a roux and béchamel sauce, but this easy-to-follow recipe has you throw everything in the pot and bake. The shallots and garlic are first sautéed with the sprouts. Then you add your cream, cheddar, and gruyere as well as the other ingredients and bake.

Not only is this side dish delicious, but if you are hoping for a low carb or a keto-friendly option, this one is a winner. Once it is fully baked, enjoy this bubbly hot and cheesy goodness.

Get the Recipe: The Chunky Chef

Honey Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts

A white bowl full of honey balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts

We can’t possibly leave out all Brussels sprouts recipes, which include roasting. This is a classic roasted sprouts recipe with a sweet balsamic twist. No need for a fancy holiday. This recipe makes a fantastic treat for any meal.

The honey, salt, and pepper and balsamic vinegar come together nicely to create a lovely veggie side dish. The natural sweet honey does wonders for this slightly bitter vegetable.

Get the Recipe: Tasty

Slow Cooker Brussels Sprouts

A crock pot filled with cheesy Brussels sprouts.
The Kitchn

Slow cookers hold a very special place in many hearts, especially for the quality comfort meals they create with the press of a button. What’s great about this recipe is that the slow cooker gently steams the sprouts, and within a few hours, you’ll have tender and soft veggies.

Mini blocks of cream cheese get sprinkled in and slowly melt over time as the dish is cooked. A little bit of garlic, parmesan cheese, heavy cream, and nutmeg help bring everything together.

Get the Recipe: The Kitchn

Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Dijon Aioli (Air Fryer)

Crispy Brussels sprouts with a dipping sauce
Dash of Mandi

This recipe makes for the perfect appetizer or side dish for any holiday get-together. It doesn’t get much simpler than Brussels sprouts tossed in olive oil, salt, and pepper. You can bake them in the oven or toss them in the air fryer.

Whichever you choose is up to you, but the author claims she doesn’t want to make than any other way, then in the air fryer. The Dijon Aioli dipping sauce only takes a minute to whip up and goes perfectly with this yummy little treat.

Get the Recipe: Dash of Mandi

Brussels Sprout Leaves with Chorizo and Toasted Almonds

roasted Brussels sprouts on a china plate

What better way to serve Brussels sprouts than by stir-frying the leaves with chorizo, crunchy almonds, and fresh thyme? The ingredients come together to create something truly delightful for the palate.

This unique recipe takes you through steps of removing the leaves from the sprouts, then tossing them in oil, garlic, and thyme. Once the chorizo and almonds are added for quality texture and flavor, you’ll have a delicious dish before your eyes.

Get the Recipe: Epicurious

Brussels Sprouts Gratin

A casserole dish with brussels sprouts gratin.
Skinny Taste

Brussels Sprouts Gratin is another one of those delicious side dishes that will help prepare you to learn how truly delicious these mini cabbages can be. A cheese sauce made with a roux, parmesan, gruyere, shallots makes for the perfect combination.

After the sprouts have been trimmed then roasted, they are mixed in with this delicious cheese sauce, baked until bubbly and lightly browned.

Get the Recipe: Skinny Taste

Cranberry Pecan Brussels Sprout Salad

A colorful salad filled with brussels sprouts leaves, pomogranite and a homemade dressing.
A Virtual Vegan

This recipe is packed with flavor and exciting textures that will make you love this early-winter salad. You get to experience this vegetable in a way you never have before. The sprout leaves make for the perfect salad base; then, you’ll add the rest of the toppings.

In each bite, you will experience the crunch from the walnuts, and the burst of tart juice from the pomegranate.

Not only will you adore the vibrant colors in this dish, but the flavor of the homemade orange cinnamon dressing is one to remember. Get out your immersion Blender; it will help bring this salad together with each step.

Get the Recipe: A Virtual Vegan

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