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How to Use Leftover Plastic Takeout Spoons in Your Garden

A woman plants in a garden.
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You ordered takeout, and the restaurant gave you a plethora of plastic silverware. Don’t be so quick to throw them away, though. Not only can you toss them in your lunch bag when you head to work, but you can also repurpose the plastic spoons for your garden.

Plastic takeout spoons make great labels for your garden.

Not only is this trick a great way to repurpose what would become waste, but it’s practically free. All you need to do is remove the spoons from those silverware packs. Then, if you have a label maker, print off a quick label with the name of the herb, veggies, or flower you want to identify in your garden. Place the label on the spoon (or simply write on the spoon with a permanent marker), shove it into the soil, and you’ve got a label in minutes.

Niimbot Label Maker

Don't have a label maker? Grab this cute one that's portable and rechargeable.

Garden spoons aren’t exactly a new idea. You can purchase decorative options online, but this trick takes the cost out of those labels. Plus, if you want to, you can easily grab some spray paint, a paint pen, or a stencil and craft your own gorgeous garden spoons from those takeout ones.

If you’ve ever admired someone else’s well-organized herb garden or veggie garden, you can have the exact same thing the next time you order food.

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