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10 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts to Make with Your Kids

a colorful turkey decoration made from fall leaves
Easy, Peasy, and Fun

Looking for some simple, but fun crafts to do with your kids this Thanksgiving? We’ve got everything from using leaves to make turkeys to turning a regular pumpkin into a flower vase. What a great way to add some holiday flair to your home!

Leaf Turkey

We led with one of our favorite crafts, seen above. It’s a fun and colorful turkey decoration, made using real fall leaves. This is bound to brighten up any Thanksgiving dinner.

Here’s what you need:

  • Printable template: Available on the tutorial. You can also make this craft using a pine cone as the body of the turkey.
  • Real leaves: Look for bright, colorful ones in a variety of sizes.
  • Paper: Thick, construction paper is best, but regular paper will work too.
  • Coloring: Crayons, markers, or colored pencils (get a coloring kit that includes all three!).
  • Scissors: Make sure to use kids’ scissors for younger children.
  • Glue: We suggest using a craft specific glue.

Read the full tutorial at Easy, Peasy, and Fun.

Turkey Windsocks

Tin cans and paper crafted into a turkey-themed wind sock
Happiness Is Homemade

Hang these around the house for some festive spark. Or dangle them outside, letting them swing in the breeze.

Here’s what you need:

  • Old tin cans: Clean and dry them first. Make sure the tops and bottoms are fully removed. Check for any sharp edges.
  • Brown paint
  • Glue: We suggest a quick-drying, craft glue.
  • Orange paint
  • Large googly eyes
  • Ribbons: Any color will do, but aim for vibrant fall colors.
  • Feathers, felt, or construction paper: Fall colors will complete this project.
  • Masking tape: Optional.

Read the full tutorial at Happiness is Homemade.

Pumpkin Handprints

This is a great keepsake that uses your child’s unique handprint. Turn them into cards to send to relatives, or to decorate your house (you can even frame it to save for future Thanksgivings).

Younger kids will need assistance with painting their hands. For older kids, you can squirt paint onto a paper plate and have them smear their hand in it. Do this project outside if you’re worried about the mess!

Here’s what you need:

  • Orange finger paint: Be prepared that younger kids will try to eat it!
  • White paper: Thick, sturdy paper is best, but regular paper will work.
  • Construction paper: Any color will do, but orange and green will work best with the pumpkin theme.

Read the full tutorial at Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls.

Paper Roll Apple Cores

Wait, you can make crafts out of empty toilet paper rolls? Woah, what a great way to be resourceful!

Start setting aside your paper rolls now, and when you have a few stocked up, turn them into fun Thanksgiving decorations.

Here’s what you need:

  • Empty toilet paper rolls: One roll for every apple core you want to make.
  • Red cupcake liners: These need to be red since we’re making “apples” here.
  • White craft paint: This is used to paint the toilet paper rolls.
  • Paintbrush
  • Green construction paper: This is used to make little leaves. You can use real leaves instead if you want!
  • Scissors: Make sure to use kids’ scissors for younger children.
  • Sticks: Any small sticks from outside will do!
  • Glue: You can use a hot glue gun or a basic glue stick.
  • Black marker: A regular Sharpie will do the trick.

Read the full tutorial at Non-Toy Gifts.

Paper Pumpkins

An easy project for all ages! Use strips of construction paper to make bright and fun orange pumpkins.

These “pumpkins” are a bit flimsy, so make sure to display them on high shelves if you have babies or toddlers around—otherwise, they’ll be squashed right away.

Here’s what you need:

  • Paper: You can use regular or construction paper. You’ll need orange and green colors. Black is optional.
  • Scissors: Make sure to use kids’ scissors for younger children.
  • Glue: glue stick is perfect for this project.

Read the full tutorial at Easy, Peasy, and Fun.

Turkey Napkin Rings

This is a great project for sprucing up your dinner settings. It’s super simple, but the effect is amazing!

Here’s what you need:

Read the full tutorial at A Crafty Spoonful.

Turkey Centerpiece

Needing something to add a bit of color to your Thanksgiving dinner table? Try this simple centerpiece. Super easy to make, and you can fill it with nuts or candy.

Here’s what you need:

  • Construction paper: An assortment of colors will work for this project.
  • Paper bag: This is the main part of your centerpiece, so the size depends on how big you want it to be.
  • White glue: Craft glue is best for this project.
  • Red pipe cleaner: We suggest buying a whole bag of pipe cleaners if you want to do more fun crafts with your kids.

Read the full tutorial at Woman’s Day.

Pumpkin Vase

Stuck on supplies? If you have a pumpkin of any size lying around, then you can easily convert it into a pretty vase. All you need to do is cut off the top, scoop out the insides, set a small plastic container inside, and fill it with flowers. So easy, right?

Read the full tutorial at ProFlowers.

Utensil Holder

Brighten up your dinner table with inspiring Thanksgiving quotes. Check out the tutorial for some free downloadable designs, or create your own.

Use a glue stick to stick the pieces of paper together and bam—you now have an adorable pocket for silverware.

Read the full tutorial at Craftaholics Anonymous.

Turkey Treat

Impress your Thanksgiving guests by setting out a sweet goodie bag on each plate. This craft uses clear plastic gloves with the fingers mimicking the turkey’s feathers. What fun!

Here’s what you need:

Read the full tutorial at Crafts Unleashed.

These fun crafts are bound to add some color and brightness to your Thanksgiving Day celebration. And what a great way to get the whole family involved in a creative project. Let’s all give thanks to the invention of craft glue and googly eyes!

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