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Keep Your Paint Clothes in Your Car and Be Ready for Anything

two people taking a break from painting a room

If you keep your painting clothes in your trunk, then the chances you’ll have them on hand when you need them skyrocket. Drag them out of the back of your closet and toss them in your car today.

When You May Need Spare Clothing in Your Car

When you head to your cabin and find that the fence or the door needs a fresh paint job, do you have paint clothes with you? Probably not, unless you went there specifically to do some handy work. More than likely, you’re there on vacation, and you have nice clothes with you that you’d prefer not to get lots of dirt or paint on.

The thing is, there are times when you’re away from home when “paint” clothes, clothing you wear for painting and other messy tasks, would be really handy. Maybe you stopped at your parents’, and they needed some painting done, or they need you to move the old refrigerator (all covered in dust and kitchen grease) out to the curb. Having a pair of junker clothes in your vehicle will save you from ruining perfectly good clothes.

How to Store Your Paint Clothes in the Car

Work clothes covered in paint aren’t something you want to just toss in your car. When you first load them up, they may be clean, but you need to throw them back in the car between jobs and between washings.

Keep a tote in your trunk or in the hatchback where you can put them. It doesn’t have to be a large tote, just big enough to fit those work duds. If you have a spare tote that’s missing its lid, that will work too. You need a place to keep those dirty work clothes that won’t leave you with paint, dirt, or grease on the interior of your vehicle.

Your spare clothes may also come in handy if you’re stuck in a snowstorm and need an extra layer of clothing.

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