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Here’s Everything Coming to Netflix the Week of April 25, 2022

Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda star in Netflix's Grace and Frankie.
Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda star in Netflix’s Grace and Frankie.

This week, not only did Netflix save some of its biggest April debuts for last, but the first day of May also falls this week. That means there’s a plethora of content coming your way.

Fans of Netflix’s original series have plenty debuting this week. You’ll be getting the final season of Grace and Frankie starring Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. Plus, the second half of Ozark season four is also dropping. Throw in a variety of classic films coming on May 1, and you’ll be extra busy streaming this week.

If you want to go ahead and make viewing plans, here’s everything coming to Netflix the week of April 25, 2022.

  • April 25
    • Big Eyes: A woman discovers her husband is passing off her art as his own.
  • April 26
    • David Spade: Nothing Personal: The famed comedian’s comedy special hits streaming.

  • April 27
    • Bullsh*t The Game Show: Gameshow contestants try to convince fellow players they know the answers to difficult trivia questions.
    • The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes: This documentary explores Monroe’s death via unheard interviews.
    • Silverton Siege: Anti-apartheid freedom fighters end up in a bank hostage situation.
  • April 28
    • Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles: A teenage rabbit attempts to become a real samurai.
    • Bubble: Tokyo is filled with gravity-defying bubbles in this anime.

  • April 29
    • Grace and Frankie: Season 7: The Final Episodes: The long-running series comes to a close.
    • Honeymoon with My Mother: After being left at the altar, a man is accompanied on his honeymoon by his mother.
    • Ozark: Season 4 Part 2: Catch the second half of the series’ fourth season.
    • Rumspringa: A man travels to Germany on his rite of passage.
    • YOUTH v GOV: This documentary explores the lawsuit brought by young people against the U.S. government for creating the climate crisis.

  • May 1
    • 42: Chadwick Boseman stars in this biopic about Jackie Robinson.
    • 3 Ninjas: Kick Back: Martial artists confront their grandfather’s enemies in a quest for a dagger.
    • 40-Love: A statistics whiz travels across the country to help a tennis player win a championship.
    • A River Runs Through It: Brothers are reunited after one moves east to go to college.
    • Are You the One?: Season 6: Singles date on the beach in this reality series.
    • Blippi Wonders: Season 1: Blippie travels the ocean seeking new friends in this animated series.
    • Corpse Bride: A man accidentally becomes engaged to a corpse in this Tim Burton film.
    • Crazy, Stupid, Love: Characters’ stories overlap in this film about love and life.

  • May 1 [Con’t]
    • Den of Thieves: An elite LA police unit and a group of expert thieves clash in a heist.
    • Dirty Harry: Clint Eastwood’s famed film comes to streaming.
    • Empire State: A security guard is convinced to rob the company he works for.
    • Forrest Gump: Tom Hanks stars in this classic film about a man’s life and connection to his childhood love.
    • Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle: Two men go on an adventure to find a White Castle in New Jersey.
    • Hello, My Name Is Doris: A woman attempts to get a younger co-worker’s attention.
    • Jackass: The Movie, Jackass 2.5, Jackass 3.5: The trio of Jackass films comes to streaming.

  • May 1 [Con’t]
    • John Q: A man takes an emergency room hostage to save his son who needs a transplant.
    • Menace II Society: A man attempts to leave behind a life of gang activity in Los Angeles.
    • Once Upon a Time in America: This film follows a man’s life from a young boy to a mafia boss.
    • Rambo: Rambo comes out of retirement in this installment of the series.
    • Rambo: Last Blood: Rambo goes on a mission to rescue a woman taken by a drug cartel.
    • Road to Perdition: A man and his son must flee after witnessing a hit.
    • Seven Years in Tibet: Brad Pitt stars in this film about Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer.
    • Soul Surfer: This biopic tells the story of Bethany Hamilton who loses an arm to a shark while surfing.
    • Summerland: A writer has a man placed in her care during WWII and the pair bond.

  • May 1 [Con’t]
    • The Gentlemen: A man looking to get out of the marijuana business triggers a series of events for others to take control.
    • The Lake House: A pair in different timelines are able to communicate by placing letters in a mailbox.
    • U.S. Marshals (1998): After a plane crash, a marshal must track down a fugitive but has doubts about his guilt.
    • War of the Worlds: A man must protect his children during an alien invasion.
    • When Harry Met Sally: Harry and Sally attempt to prove two people can be platonic friends.
    • You’ve Got Mail: Joe and Kathleen exchange e-mails anonymously unaware that they’re business rivals in real life.
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