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This Accessory Can Make Your Food Prep Safer

Pieces of cut chicken sit on a plastic cutting board.
Evgeny Tomeev/Shutterstock.com

While not held to the standards of a restaurant kitchen, home chefs should always be concerned about proper food safety. From how to clean an area after cooking to storing items properly, there’s a lot to remember. One simple kitchen accessory, though, can make meat prep a bit safer.

If you use a plastic cutting board when prepping meat, it’s a lot safer than those gorgeous wooden cutting boards you see people using all over social media. Not only is a plastic board easier to clean, but it’s also more sanitary.

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Plastic cutting boards are nonporous, so when juices or blood seep out of steaks, chicken, or other meats, the board won’t absorb any of that as you cut and prep like a wooden cutting board would.

While you can disinfect and clean a wooden cutting board after meat prep, plastic makes that process much easier, too. Most plastic cutting boards are dishwasher safe, so you can just pop them in your machine and let the hot water and detergent do all the work for you.

A plastic board also won’t wear down and dull your knives.

So next time you’ve got beef on the menu, you might want to make sure you have a plastic cutting board handy.

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