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How to Keep Basil Fresh Longer

Basil sits on a wooden cuting board.
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Not everyone is blessed with a green thumb that allows them to grow their own herbs. If you—like me—have to buy your basil at the store, you might be wondering how you can extend its life.

There’s some good news, all you need to keep your basil fresh longer is a jar, water, and a plastic bag, all things you might already have on hand.

First, you’ll trim the ends off your basil before slipping it into a jar. A mason jar is the most common item to use, but any clear, glass cup or mug will work, too. Be sure the leaves are left out of the top of the glass.

Add water to the glass, and then, cover it using a plastic bag and refrigerate. That’s it. Your basil should last for up to a week.

Ball Pint Regular Mouth Mason

Grab some mason jars for storing basil and for drinking.

The jar method isn’t the only one that can work, though. If you don’t have jars on hand, paper towels work well, too.

This method takes inspiration from leafy green storage. You’ll wash the basil, pick the leaves off, and place them in a single layer on a clean paper towel. Roll it up, place it in a sealable bag, and it’ll stay fresh in the fridge.

If you love putting basil on everything during the summer, these easy storage methods will help keep it fresh longer. For those who are feeling courageous, though, you can always attempt growing your own herbs one more time.

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