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This Easy, Affordable Upgrade Can Increase Your Home’s Value

A modern bedroom features a wooden ceiling fan.

To say the housing market is wild right now would probably be an understatement. If you’re looking to sell, you’re in a great position to earn some money on your home. For those who want to squeeze in extra earnings, though, there’s one simple, affordable upgrade you can make.

Adding ceiling fans to the bedrooms and living spaces can help increase your home’s value.

Ceiling fans are unique in that they can be both decorative and functional. When it comes to home value, it’s the functionality that matters most. Fans can help keep rooms cool during summers and circulate heat in the winters. Ultimately, this can help new owner’s cut down on energy bills.

The best part about this upgrade is that it has a big impact but doesn’t cost a ton of cash. Ceiling fans tend to retail between $100-$300 depending on the type you want to install. While yes, that’s an expense, it could raise the value of your home and attract buyers who are accustomed to having fans as well as those looking for ways to reduce their energy usage.

There is one caveat to this upgrade, though. You’ll need to already have wiring installed in the room that can support a fan. You’ll also want to have existing installation knowledge or purchase your fan from a retailer that offers installation. If neither of these is available, this upgrade is still a good choice, but it will be more expensive.

Whether you’re selling your home now or looking toward the future, this is one small home upgrade you might want to consider.

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