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Your Fruit Bowl Could Help Clean Stained Plastic Containers

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Leftovers are a fantastic way to prevent food waste and save some cash on the next day’s lunch. However, we’ve all been in a hurry when packing them and did not realize we’d be staining our plastic containers. Good news, there’s a solution, and it might be in your fruit bowl.

You can use lemons to get rid of plastic container stains.

Thanks to their acidic nature and citric acid, lemons and lemon juice can cut through the stains on your food containers. Even if you put spaghetti into that plastic container, all you need is to grab a lemon from your fruit collection.

To use this trick, you’ll fill a basin or your sink with boiling hot water. Then, add the juice of two to three lemons and toss in the rinds. Place your containers inside the lemon water and let them soak for three to four hours. When done, wash the dishes as usual.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Storage

Get new containers if you've got seriously set-in stains.

While this trick for removing stains is great, the best idea is to prevent them in the first place. That’s easier than switching to all glass containers (though it’s a good idea as well). All you need is to add a bit of cooking spray to your container before storing, and those stains shouldn’t be an issue.

Dealing more with grease than staining? Try this cleaning hack as well.

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