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Don’t Forget This Curb Appeal Task Before Selling Your Home

A for sale sign hangs outside of a home.
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When it comes to selling a home, there are a few things nearly everyone knows can increase the selling price. For example, you can upgrade fixtures or spruce up the lawn. However, there’s another exterior detail you might be forgetting.

You’ve likely deep-cleaned the inside of your home from top to bottom if you’re putting it on the market, but what about the outside? Power washing the exterior of your home can help you get your asking price (or more, in the current market).

A light bulb probably just appeared above your head because this tip makes total sense, right? From realtors to buyers, everyone will tell you that curb appeal matters. Usually, this is referring to landscaping, but the cleanliness of your home’s exterior is equally as important.

Rob Moreno, a real estate photographer, told Apartment Therapy that a good power wash can not only make your home appear cleaner, but it can also make its color pop more. Once you’ve washed, you’ll also be able to see the spots that might need a bit of a touch-up—think front door paint—before potential buyers stop by.

While this seems like a task that’s going to require a professional (and it still might), you can rent power washers from stores like Home Depot and DIY this pre-sale task yourself. However, even if you do decide to hire out for the job, prices should be reasonable depending on the size of your home.

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Invest in your own instead of hiring someone.

If you need to give the exterior of your home a little presale sprucing up, a power wash is an excellent idea.

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