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Here’s How to Make Your Holiday Gift More Personal

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Skip the last-minute trips to the shopping mall and find ways to get more personal with your gifting this holiday season!

Do DIY Projects

Do-it-yourself gifts show you’ve invested some thought, effort, and not to mention time to make someone feel appreciated, valued, loved, and heard. Knowing what the person wants is one thing, but making sure they know it’s coming straight from the heart takes the gifting to a whole new level.

Whether it’s a simple drawing you know your kid will adore, place developed pictures in a frame your grandma will cherish when you’re not at home, or building a wooden window bench you know your wife always wanted, taking the time to execute a special project gives a personal touch like no other. So, before you head to the stores, take a second and think about what is it you can do to bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones. Lots of things go out of fashion, but DIY presents always have a special place in people’s hearts.

Play the Memory Card

Everyone has certain things they’ve dreamed of having since they were little, so take a trip down memory lane this year and try to make those dreams come true. Not only will that wake up your inner child and bring up old memories, it will also make you so excited for the day the recipients of your gifts get to discover their surprises. Just imagine the look on their faces as they realize you’ve made something that seemed so impossible back in the day happen this holiday season: absolutely priceless! And before you think how all childhood fantasies are actually impossible or really hard to bring to life, what we wanted back then can more often than not be translated into our everyday life—our imagination can make even regular things take on magical features.

For example, if someone wanted to be an astronaut, the wish itself might be impossible to grant, but buying a high-tech telescope, getting them a membership to an astronomy club, or taking them to see the Northern Lights comes pretty close! Same with surprising someone who wanted to have the most decorated house on the street but wasn’t able to afford it back then: Explore all the crazy decorations that exist nowadays and put them all over their house or apartment without their knowing. Sometimes it’s the big things, and sometimes it’s the little; but no matter what, they all count.

Pay Attention

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In case you were wondering, you don’t have to bring old fantasies to life to find the perfect gift. Sometimes, all that really matters is listening and paying attention, even for the last few weeks or days leading up to the gifting season. We all lead very busy lives, and often self-care unfortunately falls to the bottom of our to-do lists. Giving a gift that makes the person stop and take care of herself/himself for a change brings a smile to everyone’s face and makes them feel appreciated and heard.

If you see your mom’s been having a tough time lately, for example, get her a gift certificate for a day spa. If your husband’s been working late-night hours and attending early-morning meetings, book a nice weekend getaway just for the two of you to find ways to reconnect (while disconnected from everyone and everything else). It really is as simple as that.

Give the Gift of Inspiration

Sometimes, all someone really needs is a little push in the right direction or even just a reminder to let them know they’re already where they should be. Finding a gift that inspires and motivates will make them want to hold on and come back to it whenever they encounter a roadblock in the future. Knowing that it came from you will only make it sweeter as you’ll be the first thing to pop into their mind every time they see/read/hear it.

A thoughtful book, a ticket to an inspiring event, a cultural trip to spark their creative flow, a course fee for polishing up their skills, or even a simple framed-up quote—it all comes with a deeply personal touch as the intention was honest and real and makes the other person feel truly believed in, supported, and connected to you on a deeper level. Think about who needs a little more support this year, and we guarantee your gift will be their favorite.

Lend a Helping Hand

Everyone loves unwrapping presents, that fact simply cannot be argued with, but sometimes the best gifts come without a package at all. Lending a helping hand and making someone’s life easier by doing their work for them, cleaning up their garage, or organizing the Christmas dinner at your place this year will bring out a sense of gratitude that’s hard to put into words.

Material gifts can be wonderful, but if you’re not in a position to buy them what they want, or you’re racking your brain trying to think of something meaningful without giving up and buying the same perfume you do every year, think about what it is that person needs the most and how you can help out. Holidays are about gifting, but the pure definition of a gift is individual for every single person. A gift will only be valuable if it actually brings value to the table (and not only the financial kind).

’Tis the season for celebrations, family gatherings, delicious food, a house full of laughter, and gifts that make everyone’s face turn into an emoji. Take these tips and make your loved ones happy by getting them something with a very special meaning behind it.

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