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When to Splurge on Pre-Cut Produce

Packs of pre-chopped veggies are on a grocery store shelf.

Many of us are looking to save money at the grocery store these days, and there are lots of tips and tricks to do so. But some items, like pre-cut produce, are sometimes worth the splurge.

Pre-cut produce is one grocery item you might want to consider spending a bit of extra cash on. While it might not seem like it, for some, it could be a money-saving strategy.

Typically, it’s cheaper to buy whole veggies and fruits like heads of lettuce and cauliflower and varieties of melons. The downside, however, is that there’s extra work involved as you’ll need to chop them at home. If you’ve got the time, it’s a near sure-fire method for saving money.

Since that’s the case, how could buying pre-cut fruits and veggies save money? It’s all about your food prep habits.

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If you buy whole produce and have the best intentions of cleaning, cutting, and prepping but have follow-through issues, you might be better off buying pre-cut options. If you run out of time to prep or simply lose motivation, there’s a chance you won’t eat the vegetables you bought at all. Instead, you’ll simply toss them when they go bad.

If this is you (hey, I’m guilty of it, too), there’s a good chance you could also be tossing all of those supposed savings. In this case, going ahead and buying the pre-cut options might just be worth it.

The next time you’re making your grocery list, consider your food habits and adjust your list accordingly.

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