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This Is Why Olive Oil Often Comes in a Green Bottle

A person holds a bottle of olive oil surrounded by olives.
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While there are all sorts of olive oils, including different flavors and varieties, all of them seem to have one thing in common: the packaging.

Why are most olive oil bottles green, anyway? Turns out, it’s not to match the color of the fruit, but because light exposure can cause olive oil to spoil.

Mary Mori, vice president of technical services at California Olive Ranch, told Real Simple that when storing olive oil, you should minimize its exposure to UV rays to prevent it from turning rancid. And that’s what the green bottles do.

The darker color helps protect the oil inside from light exposure and prolongs its life. That doesn’t mean you should leave your bottle out, though. Mori recommended keeping it in a cupboard to help it retain peak flavor.

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Light isn’t the only way olive oil can be damaged, though. While the green bottle can help protect it from light, you should also be wary of exposing it to heat and oxygen. This means you need to avoid keeping your olive oil too close to your stovetop. You should also always be sure the top is well secured.

The best way to ensure it stays fresh is to store your olive oil in a dark area, like a pantry or cupboard, where the temperature stays around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll also want to use a top that’s secure enough to keep out oxygen.

Most of us don’t think much about how we’re storing our cooking oils, but now, every time you reach for that olive oil, you can be confident it’ll always be fresh.

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