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Don’t Forget This Bit of Underestimated Curb Appeal

A red house has white porch stairs and shrubbery lines a walkway.

Arguably, one of the worst mistakes you can make when selling your home is underestimating the power of curb appeal. Thankfully, most know how important it is. However, that doesn’t mean you’re upgrading everything you can.

Your front steps are a commonly missed area when it comes to increasing your home’s curb appeal. There are tons of great, affordable ideas.

Chris and Calvin LaMont, contractors who will appear on HGTV this year, told Apartment Therapy small décor pieces can make a big difference and attract potential buyers. The pair are particularly keen on adding color to your front porch steps.

HERDUK Flower Plant Pots

These colorful planters are ideal for your steps.

The brothers recommend adding durable, outdoor rugs for added brightness as well as planters—which can feature colorful blooms or be colorful themselves. Get planters in multiple heights to add dimensions along your steps. Place them according to the stairs’ heights for a balanced look.

Of course, adding décor is the simplest change, but you could also go a step further and paint your steps. Brea Elles of Atelier Honnete told Apartment Therapy that painting your steps to match your home’s trim is a great way to break up the monotony. Plus, you can even leave the tops of the stairs pair for a different look.

If you’re planning on making some curb appeal upgrades before selling, don’ forget that your porch stairs can be one more easy, affordable place to upgrade.

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