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8 Wild Ways to Reuse Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

mashed potato cheese balls with dipping sauce

Devouring a full plate of your Thanksgiving feast favorites is one of the many pleasures of the Holidays. But, once the house quiets down and you awake from your food coma, you’re left with an overabundance of turkey and side dishes.

You are welcome to eat turkey sandwiches for the rest of the weekend if you’re into that. However, if you are hoping for some bizarrely delicious ways to eat those leftovers, we’ve got some interesting ideas. Ever heard of turkey tacos and cranberry salsa? Or how about fried mashed potato balls? Let’s dive in and learn about these unique dishes.

Leftover Stuffing Waffles with Syrup…I Mean Gravy

Thanksgiving stuffing leftovers turned into waffles

Ever try putting random foods in your waffle iron? Well, you can put just about anything in there, including stuffing! After mixing your leftover stuffing with parsley and eggs, you’ll plop some of the mixture in and close the iron.

Cuisinart Classic Waffle Maker

Thanksgiving leftover waffles? Sure, why not?

Wait as your iron begins to sizzle and remind you of your favorite turkey day component! Your filling will turn into a beautiful golden brown waffle and taste perfect with a scoop of mashed potatoes and gravy. Add a dollop of cranberry sauce for the perfect tangy finish.

Get the Recipe: Food Network

Turkey and Stuffing Eggs Benedict (with Handcrafted Patties)

A handmade stuffing patty topped with sliced turkey, a poached egg and fresh hollandaise sauce.
Taste of Home

Here’s another breakfast with a twist; that is if you can bear to eat another plate of leftovers. This one screams unique, with handmade stuffing patties, poached eggs, and all the rich flavors of freshly made hollandaise sauce.

Side Note: Before placing your eggs into the simmering water, add a tablespoon or two of white vinegar. This will help keep your eggs from dispersing in the water, and will firmly hold the white together.

Top your stuffing patty with sliced turkey, a poached egg, and drizzled hollandaise. Enjoy as the warm canary-yellow yolk flows over the rest of your dish, making each bite rich and creamy.

Get the Recipe: Taste of Home

Taco Tuesday…On Friday or Saturday

Two Corn tacos filled with turkey, lettuce, cilantro and a side of cranberry salsa.

We certainly don’t recommend waiting until the Tuesday after Thanksgiving to try these. By then, you’ll likely need to ditch your leftovers. This would, however, make a lovely Friday or Saturday evening meal.

Colorful Taco Holder Stands

Display those Thanksgiving tacos in style.

The corn tortillas make for the perfect bundle of turkey, cheese, and tart cranberry salsa. Enjoy each bite with freshly chopped lettuce and cilantro.

Get the Recipe: Simply Recipes

Another Casserole…But This One is Worth it!

A Thanksgiving casserole made with leftover mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, corn and gravy.
Fav Family Recipes

The only thing wild about this recipe is how tasty each bite is, and yes, we know it’s another casserole. But, if you are one of those people who dream about Thanksgiving spread coming around more than once a year, this dish is a great way to explore that fantasy.

You will have a chance to enjoy all of your favorite dishes in one bite over and over again. Layered mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and turkey blanketed with leftover stuffing. You may even make your very own rendition with other ingredients throughout the year.

Get the Recipe: Fav Family Recipes

Fried Mashed Potato Balls; Because Anything Fried Tastes Delicious

A plate of stacked up fried mashed potato balls. The top mashed potato ball is broken open.
The Cookie Rookie

Do you know what comes after Thanksgiving? Football Sunday, which means appetizers galore. What better way to put your extra mashed potatoes to use, than rolling them into bite-size balls and frying them up?

Lodge 15-Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet

Fry these babies up in a cast iron skillet.

Loaded with Colby jack and cheddar cheese, green onions, and bacon, each bite provides a burst of flavor in your mouth. The panko bread crumbs make for the perfect crunchy coating too. So, dip these in a ramekin of ranch dressing and enjoy munching on these during the game.

Get the Recipe: The Cookie Rookie

Thanksgiving Egg Rolls, Umm Yes Please

An egg roll that has been cut in half (filled with turkey and cranberry sauce), on top of a few other egg rolls.

The author of this recipe took leftovers to another level by loading eggrolls with turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, and stuffing. No need to stop there, though. Corn, green bean casserole, and diced carrots would go great too.

Secura 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer

Sometimes you just need to deep fry something.

Watch the video for extra support on how to wrap an eggroll together and save some gravy for dipping.

Get the Recipe: Delish

Thanksgiving Turkey Gumbo

A beautiful bowl of freshly made turkey gumbo on top of a heaping pile of mashed potatoes.
Half Baked Harvest

This cozy meal is popping with flavor and brings out the best of leftovers in this Festive version. Bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, and garlic blend nicely with the oregano, thyme, and basil.

Cooks Standard 8-Quart Classic Stainless Steel Stockpot

Make jumbos and soups in this stock pot.

You’ll love flooding your mashed potatoes with this flavorful stew-like dish, but you are more than welcome to put it on top of rice if you’d rather go more traditional.

Get the Recipe: Half Baked Harvest

Crispy Mashed Potato and Stuffing Patties

A stack of mashed potato and stuffing patties, with a glass of orange juice in the background.
Taste of Home

Here’s a simple yet yummy way to use stuffing and mashed potatoes. You’ll learn to form small patties using mashed potatoes, stuffing eggs, and chopped turkey then fry them in butter.

Try these with scrambled eggs and leftover gravy for a fun day-after breakfast.

Get the Recipe: Taste of Home

If you’re looking for creative ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers, these recipes will do the trick!

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