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A Squeegee Is the Secret to Removing Pet Hair From Carpet and Upholstery

A cat sits on an upholstered chair.

Whether it’s a dog or cat (or both), you’ve got pet hair if you’ve got pets. It’s on everything, and getting it off can prove a challenge. As the weather warms, your pet might be shedding even more fur than usual, so how do you keep your home clean?

If you’ve got a squeegee, you might just be able to save your upholstery and carpet from all that pet hair.

There are plenty of great options for removing shed hair—there are lint rollers, handheld vacuums, and even hacks using rubber gloves. For the most stubborn of fur, though, a squeegee and a simple spray bottle of water might be the way to go.

OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee

Not the tool you expected for pet hair removal, right?

Some fur just insists on embedding itself into your furniture’s fabric and the corners of your carpeted bedroom. Sometimes, a lint roll or vacuum doesn’t cut it. That’s when you bring out the water and squeegee. Simply spray a light layer of water over the surface and then scrap it with the squeegee.

As you scrape, you’ll see all the hair that remained stuck to the fabric or carpet begin to come up and adhere to the squeegee. In the end, you’ll end up with clumps of hair that you thought you’d already taken care of. Toss it in the trash, and you’re officially fur free.

Want to prevent hair before it comes to a squeegee session? Be sure you’re giving your pets regular brushing sessions, and you can even try a shed prevention shampoo.

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