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This Surprising Tool Removes Baked-On Grease From Glassware

A glass baking dish has baked on grease around the edges.

You made a casserole or baked some chicken, and now that glass baking dish is a mess of baked-on grease. Just the thought of soaking, and then scrubbing all of that off can be exhausting. Well, you don’t have to!

A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can remove all that stubborn grease in a flash, and yes, it’s totally safe to use one on your glassware.

If you’ve used them before, you already know that you just wet the sponge, wring it out, and then scrub away at the most stubborn spots. With a little elbow grease (no pun intended), that gunk will come right off your casserole dish in no time.

What makes the Magic Eraser so effective, though?

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Pack of 10

Who doesn't love a multipurpose product?

First, it’s not abrasive enough to damage or scratch glass, but it also offers a bit more grit than your average sponge because it’s made of melamine foam. This material is porous and acts similarly to sandpaper, working away at stains without harming the surface underneath.

So, next time you let that dirty Pyrex dish sit a little too long, just grab a Magic Eraser!

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