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This Should Be Your First Step When Unpacking

A man carries an open moving box.

If you’ve packed up all your belongings and your new space is filled with boxes, unpacking might feel daunting, but hey, you’re halfway there. Plus, there’s a trick that might help the process.

You should move all of your boxes into your specific rooms before beginning to unpack.

Why, though? After all, everything has to come out eventually. Does it really matter where it happens? Technically, you could skip this hack, but it has a two-fold purpose that could speed up your unpacking.

First (and most obviously), you’ll have all your items in their assigned space. In practical terms, this means you won’t be running back and forth between different spaces looking for specific items. Ultimately, it will save you time and keep your belongings organized.

Brother P-Touch Handy Label Maker

Be sure all you boxes are labeled.

Then, once all of your boxes are organized by room, you can tackle your new apartment or home space by space. For example, you’ll likely want to unpack your daily must-haves (like toiletries, some cookware, and clothing), but once that’s done, you can easily divide your home up by room and methodically unpack.

The thing about this trick, though, is that you must label your moving boxes. Whether that’s a quick note with a sharpie before sealing up a box or placing a label on it, without those, this hack won’t work.

If you haven’t moved all of your stuff yet, you might want to grab a label maker first. Then, you can adapt this trick and make your unpacking process a breeze.

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