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Never Store These Two Veggies Together

A group of various produce is arranged in a wooden basket on a kitchen counter.
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When it comes to food storage, nothing is trickier than produce. From keeping greens fresh to ensuring your bananas don’t bruise, there’s a lot to consider. In fact, there are two vegetables that should never be stored together.

To keep them fresher, for longer, it’s best to avoid storing potatoes and onions together. In fact, you might want to keep your onions separate from everything.

Some produce, including potatoes, release moisture and, when placed near an onion, the latter will absorb that moisture. Unfortunately, this will lead to their quick demise. Additionally, the pungent aroma of onions can seep into nearby produce and alter its flavor.

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But if you can’t store your onions near any other fruit or vegetable, where should you put them? Your pantry, cabinet, or any cool, dry, dark area is ideal. Stashing them somewhere in which the temperature stays between 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit would be optimal.

Good ventilation is also important for onions. They require airflow, so keeping them in a bag or basket where air can’t circulate will also cause them to spoil faster.

In fact, stop by the hosiery department next time you pick up your onions for the perfect storage solution. Then, just keep them away from those spuds.

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