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Here’s Everything Coming to Netflix the Week of May 30, 2022

Elsa Pataky and Mayen Mehta star in Netflix's 'The Interceptor.'
Elsa Pataky and Mayen Mehta star in Netflix’s Interceptor.

You’ve likely already marathon-watched all of Stranger Things, but the good news is that Netflix is swooping in with more content. Plus, this week marks the beginning of June, which means a plethora of new content.

This week, you can expect Interceptor, a Netflix original military thriller starring Elsa Pataky, a new season of the hit reality competition series The Floor is Lava, and classic films like Titanic and Steel Magnolias. Basically, there’s a little something for everyone.

If you’re wondering what to watch post Stranger Things, here’s everything coming to Netflix the week of May 30, 2022.

  • May 30
    • Mighty Little Bheem: I Love Taj Mahal: Bheem attempts to return a little girl’s teddy bear at the Taj Mahal.
  • May 31
    • Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Season 1: Watch the four turtle brothers uncover their powers.
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Season 1: The Ninja Turtles are brought to life in CGI in this iteration of the series.

  • June 1
    • Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy: Will Ferrell’s famous film about an over-the-top anchorman comes to streaming.
    • Dear John: A woman falls in love with a soldier but deployment separates them.
    • Dumb and Dumber: Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels star in this comedy about two friends who become embroiled in a kidnapping plot.
    • Edge of Seventeen: When a girl’s best friend begins dating her brother, she must come to terms with the changes in her life.
    • Eraser: A U.S. marshall attempts to shield government witnesses.
    • His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass: Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig star in this first installment of the Phillip Pullman novel adaptations.

  • June 1 [Con’t]
    • Lean on Me: Morgan Freeman stars in this film about a principal working to turn around a high school and help his students.
    • Léon: The Professional: A young girl attempts to become an assassin to avenge her family.
    • Life as We Know It: A must learn to get along after their friends are killed, and they must care for the lost couple’s daughter.
    • Mission: Impossible: The first installment in Tom Cruise’s famous action-adventure series hits Netflix.
    • Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol: Ethan Hunt must clear the IMF’s name after the agency is framed for a terrorist attack.
    • Mission: Impossible II: Ethan Hunt must stop a deadly virus from being used as a weapon.
    • Mr. Bean’s Holiday: Mr. Bean attempts a vacation in the south of France.

  • June 1 [Con’t]
    • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: Clark Griswold attempts to plan the perfect Christmas, but it doesn’t go like he’s like it to.
    • Soul Plane: After a terrible flying experience, a man sues an airline and begins his own.
    • Steel Magnolias: Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton, and Sally Field star in this classic, Southern film about the interconnected lives of women at a beauty shop.
    • The Amazing Spider-Man: Andrew Garfield’s spiderman comes to Netflix.
    • The Boy: A nanny is hired to look after a couple’s son who turns out to be a doll.
    • The Departed: An undercover cop and a spy for a crime organization infiltrate one another’s jobs.
    • The Fighter: A former MMA fighter must compete again due to a powerful racketeer.

  • June 1
    • The Girl Next Door: Two girls are sent to live with their twisted aunt.
    • The Hurt Locker: A sergeant assigned to a bomb squad is at odds with his team.
    • The Players Club: A woman becomes a stripper in order to pay for college and help her child but must avoid the seedier sides of the club.
    • Titanic: Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslett star in this famous historical romance.
    • Troy: Brad Pitt stars as Achilles in this film that depicts the legendary Trojan War.
    • Vegas Vacation: The Griswolds are back, but this time, it’s for a vacation to Las Vegas.
    • We Are Marshall: After 75 members, staff, and boosters of the Marshall football team die in a plane crash, a new coach is determined to bring pride back to the team.

  • June 2
    • Borgen: Power & Glory:  An oil dispute in Greenland is on the verge of becoming a crisis in this political drama.
    • The DUFF: A high school learns she’s the “DUFF” (designated ugly, fat friend) of her friend group and enlists a friend to help her overcome the title.
    • Yuri Marçal: Honest Mistake: Yuri Marçal’s comedy special comes to Netflix.

  • June 3
    • As the Crow Flies: A fan begins working in her idol’s newsroom but realizes the business has secrets.
    • Floor Is Lava: Season 2: Don’t touch the ground in this Netflix reality competition series.
    • Interceptor: An army captain has to protect a mission interceptor station.
    • Mr. Good: Cop or Crook?: A famed Norwegian cop is caught dealing illegal drugs.
    • The Perfect Mother: A mother believes in her daughter’s innocence after she’s accused of a crime and sets out to absolve her.
    • Surviving Summer: A teen from New York is sent to Australia and becomes involved in a surfer’s inner circle.
    • Two Summers: A group of wealthy friends reunites decades after one is the victim of a sexual assault by someone in the group.
  • June 5
    • Straight Up: A man and woman navigate their relationship while trying to decipher their sexualities.
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