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Dryer Sheets Are the Easy Way to Clean Crown Molding

Two boxes of dryer sheets are stacked on top of one another on a dryer.
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We all do it. We avoid the cleaning tasks we know are the most difficult. If you’ve been putting off tidying up your crown molding, though, there might be a hack to make the process much easier.

If you’ve ever heard that you can use dryer sheets to clean baseboards, the same is true for crown molding. The trick, though, is getting up there to use them.

Don’t worry about grabbing a ladder or your step stool to clean your crown molding. All you need is a Swiffer or extended handle duster. Take your dryer sheets and affix them to the end of the duster or Swiffer with rubber bands.

Then, reach the long-handled clean-up tool to the crown molding and wipe them down with the dryer sheet-coated end. Go all the way around your room, collecting the dust and cobwebs that have been acquired since your last clean.

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Add dryer sheets, and you've got a crown molding cleaner.

But how does this trick work? It’s the same science in play when you use them to clean your baseboards.

The dryer sheet pulls in debris, attracting everything from pet hair to regular old dust. Then, as it sweeps over the crown molding, it leaves behind its film (you know, the stuff you don’t want on your towels). The film acts as an anti-static measure for clothes but on crown molding, it can repel things like pet hair and dust, making this cleaning hack both good in the moment and after cleaning.

If you’ve decided to ditch dryer sheets, you might be able to repurpose them for your crown molding and baseboards.

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