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How Your Dishwasher Can Help Clean Your Bathroom

A woman loads a dishwasher.
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When it comes to cleaning, the bathroom is arguably one of the most dreaded areas to tackle. But what if an unexpected appliance could help you?

Your dishwasher can help clean your bathroom, and yes, we know that sounds strange. As far as those tiny, bathroom cleaning tasks go, your dishwasher is the answer.

Now, you’re clearly not going to be able to stick your toilet or shower in your dishwasher (though you can use a dishwashing pod to clean it), but those small things you need to wash down and disinfect? There’s a good chance many of them can be placed in the dishwasher for an easy clean.

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When doing a thorough cleaning, you’ll need to scrub down items like toothbrush holders, drinking cups, jewelry dishes, shower caddies, and even showerheads. They might even need disinfecting. Your dishwasher can do all of that without you ever lifting a finger to scrub them down individually.

You’ll want to put delicate items, like ceramic jewelry dishes or glass drinking cups, in the top rack of the machine. Then, simply pop in your dishwashing pods, set your cycle, and wash.

The next time you’re dreading hand washing all of those bathroom accessories, look to your dishwasher instead (and check out all the other dishwasher-friendly items you could be washing in there, too).

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