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Get Your Knives Sharpened Now to Avoid Thanksgiving Frustration

man cutting onions with a freshly sharpened knife

There are a lot of things you can get frustrated about on Thanksgiving—like your Uncle’s inappropriate comments or burning your sweet potatoes—but dull knives shouldn’t be one of those things. Get them sharpened today.

Why do we say get them sharpened today instead of sharpen them today? Over at Lifehacker they share the same sentiments about knife sharpening that we do:

Do not try to do this yourself (unless you have already done this yourself), and do not think your knives are “probably fine.” Unless you are the kind of person who watches and (angrily) comments on knife videos on the internet, your knives are not fine, and they are definitely not ready for the amount of food prep that turkey day requires. Take them to a professional and have that professional sharpen them professionally. If you are going to be spatchcocking, your shears need some attention as well. (Bird bones are tougher than you remember, I assure you.)

Even if you happen to be the kind of person who likes to go into a zen-like trance while sharpening a knife blade on their favorite Japanese whetstones (and yes this sentence is autobiographical), Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you might not have time to devote an afternoon or two to knife maintenance. So whether you’re a rank amateur or a dedicated hobbyist, know that now is the time to farm out the job to a local professional, so you can wield perfectly sharp and easy to use knives on Thanksgiving day.

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