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Have Strong Opinions About Thanksgiving? You’re Not Alone

examples of different traditional Thanksgiving foods people have strong opinions about

Instacart released a survey of Americans and their Thanksgiving shopping habits and opinions. Among the many things that caught our eye was how strongly people feel about hosting the holiday and about cranberry sauce.

What initially drew us to the survey data was a shoutout at Southern Living about how strongly people felt about cranberry sauce. But what kept us reading was the whole host of strong opinions about the holiday the survey turned up. Some of our favorite highlights:

  • Give up sex or host? 40% of Millennials (ages 23–38) would rather give up sex for a month than be responsible for cooking Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Give up your phone or host? 29% of Americans (and 39% of Millennials) would rather give up their phone for a month than be responsible for cooking Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Nearly half of Americans (46%) say canned cranberry sauce is “disgusting.”
  • Secretly hate turkey cranberry sandwiches? You’re not alone. 23% of Americans are not interested in saving Thanksgiving leftovers.

The above merely scratches the treasure trove of firmly held holiday opinions. You can read the rest here. And while you’re at it, feel free to share your deeply held holiday opinions. I, for one, happen to like canned cranberry sauce and find the

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