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Why Do People Use Silicone Baking Mats?

A silicone baking mat sits in a baking sheet, and other baking mats have cookie dough on top.
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If you’re like me, you slap some aluminum foil onto your tired old baking sheets and call it a day. However, that might not be the best solution, particularly when it comes to baked goods. Instead, a silicone baking mat could be the answer.

But why a baking mat? After all, isn’t that what baking sheets are for? Turns out that baking mats might just be the missing piece in your cooking and baking arsenal.

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First, silicone mats create a non-stick surface, but unlike things like aluminum foil, the mats don’t conduct heat, so you won’t end up with burned cookie bottoms and uncooked tops. You will, however, get cookies that won’t stick. Plus, because they’re reusable, you’re cutting down on waste (which also makes them better than parchment paper).

In addition to their usefulness in the oven, they’re also great for prep. You can opt for larger-sized silicone mats and use them during bread making. Knead dough, cut biscuits, or craft cookie shapes with cutters all on the mat. Not only can they prevent your dough from sticking to the surface (though we do still recommend a bit of flour), but they’ll keep your counters neat, too!

Whether you’re just getting started with your baking adventures, or you’re a seasoned pro who likes trying new things, silicone baking mats might just be the item your kitchen is missing.

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