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Can a Pressure Point Send You to Sleep? TikTok Thinks So

A woman lies in bed with her arm thrown over her face.

Have trouble falling asleep at night? You might have the answer right at your fingertips, or well, wrists—at least according to TikTok.

TikTok posts are going viral citing a pressure point in the wrist that can help you sleep, and unlike some hacks on the platform, this trick might be legitimate.

The hack, which appears to have been floating around on TikTok since 2020, sees people massage their wrist’s crease even with the spot between where their pinky and ring finger meet. Keep massaging that spot for a minute or so, and over time, the motion is said to make you sleepy. Seems pretty simple, right?


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According to Dr. Shari Auth, chief healing officer and co-founder of acupuncture clinic WTHN, the pressure point is real. She told Bustle it’s actually one of four points for sleeping. The spot can also promote calm, and alleviate stress. You only need to massage it.

Now, as we know, you shouldn’t trust everything you see on TikTok, but this simple hack doesn’t involve purchasing a tool or ingesting anything. If you’re going to attempt it, there’s not a whole lot of risk involved.

The next time you’re lying in bed and can’t sleep, a wrist massage might do the trick, and hey, if you are willing to try something a bit odder, there’s always lettuce water.

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