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Make a Restaurant Quality Salad With This Simple Ingredient

A salad with mixed green and tomatoes sits next to a fork and a bowl of fresh spinach.

There’s just something special about your favorite lunch spot’s salads. For some reason, your at-home copy is never as delicious. One simple ingredient might be the reason why.

Seasoning your greens is the secret to a restaurant-quality salad, and the best part? Salt and pepper are all that is required.

Not all dressings contain the perfect amount of salt or heat. Cook’s Illustrated recommended you dress your salad first, and then, add in your additional toppings like fruits, nuts, and hearty veggies. As you add those ingredients, you can toss in salt and pepper as you go to amp up the flavor.

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Others, however, recommend salting your salad before dressing. When you do, opt for flaky salt types which will provide a slight crunch and big flavor payoff. You shouldn’t, however, let it sit too long. Salt will draw out moisture, ruining greens. Instead, salt your salad greens, add additional toppings, dress, and serve.

The next time you’re trying to cut down on spending by making your own fancy salad, you should go ahead and grab the salt and pepper.

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