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Sriracha Shortage? Get Your Chili Fix With These Alternatives

Bottles of Sriracha line a grocery store shelf.

Food lovers have had some less than ideal news lately. There have been food recalls, like the most recent one with Jif peanut butter, and air fryers have even been recalled. Now, there’s a looming shortage that will make spice lovers especially sad.

A Sriracha shortage is likely to happen this summer, and unfortunately, there’s not much to be done about it.

In April, Huy Fong Foods, the creator of Sriracha, sent a letter to buyers warning them of an impending shortage, and now, that time is here. Extreme weather conditions are the reason. Due to droughts, the key chili peppers used in the sauce are in short supply or aren’t high enough quality. As a result, Sriracha simply can’t be produced.

In the letter, Huy Fong Foods explained that those who placed orders for the sauce before April 19 and had them confirmed by the brand will receive shipments. Orders placed after that date, however, won’t ship until at least Labor Day.

While the news is hard to stomach, all hope doesn’t have to be lost. There’s nothing on the market that’s exactly like the sauce, there are some alternatives that could work in a pinch.


Gochujang is on a wooden spoon, and a tub of Gochujang sits on a counter.
Chung Jung One O’Food

Those looking for spice and flavor similar to Sriracha might want to try Korean staple Gochujang. The paste is thicker than the sauce, but it has a similar heat level. It’s also made from fermented soybean, and the fermentation lends a bit of the acid you’d find in the vinegar-based Sriracha.

Chung Jung One O'Food Medium Hot Pepper Paste Gold (Gochujang)

The paste has equal heat and a bit of tang.


A bottle of Tabasco sits in front of its box, and two bottles are imposed over flames.

This might be blasphemous to some, but don’t underestimate Tabasco. The sauce has the tang you’ll find in Sriracha, and it’s certainly got the spice (in fact, you could argue it’s even hotter). You will, however, want to consider adding a bit of garlic and possibly a hint of sugar to get closer to the flavor you know and love.

Chin-Su Hot Chili Sauce

A botle of Chin-Su sits next to a burger.

Those fine with a milder taste can try Chin-Su. Its flavor is described as a blend of ketchup and Sriracha, so there’s a sweeter taste to this sauce. However, it’s still got a punch. Also, like Sriracha, it’s good on a variety of dishes making it a versatile condiment.

CHIN-SU Hot Chili Sauce

Ketchup plus Sriracha? Sure!

While there is nothing that’ll give you an exact Sriracha flavor, there are some spicy condiment alternatives that’ll get you a fix while we all wait for it to come back in stock.

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