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How Are Grape and Cherry Tomatoes Different?

A group of cherry tomatoes are scattered on a table with a few cut in half.

The world of produce is shockingly confusing. From how to get storage just right for the longest shelf life to deciphering sell-by dates, there’s actually a lot to know—particularly when it comes to the differences between varieties of produce.

For example, when it comes to cherry and grape tomatoes, what’s the difference, or is there one at all?

While cherry and grape tomatoes look somewhat similar, they are actually different. First, there’s the reason for their names. Cherry tomatoes have the moniker due to their round, cherry-like shape. Meanwhile, grape tomatoes have a more oblong appearance which makes them look more like, well, grapes.

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Shape and size are just the beginning of how these tomatoes are different, though. In terms of flavor, cherry tomatoes are sweeter, and they have thinner skin which makes them perfect for snacking. Grape tomatoes aren’t as sweet as cherry, but they are heartier with thicker skin and less water content.

If you head into the grocery store and see cherry or grape tomatoes are out of stock, can you substitute one for the other? While the sweetness level is different, overall, the flavors are similar. Grape tomatoes’ thicker skin helps them last a bit longer, and cherry tomatoes’ small size and thin skin make them ideal for popping in a salad but feel free to switch these fruits out as you will.

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