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Is Your Partner a Cover Hog? This Sleep Method Could Help

A couple sleeps together.

No one likes fighting for the covers at night. Even if you’re the person who is always taking the duvet, you probably feel guilty about it. Is there a solution? Maybe.

The Scandinavian sleep method is a new way to sleep with your partner that could help both of you get more rest and still share a bed.

The Scandinavian sleep method is a modified version of a sleep divorce. If you’ve never heard of it, a sleep divorce is when partners decide to forgo the same bed in the name of better rest. Some researchers believe it can actually improve quality of life. However, not every couple wants to take such drastic steps.

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With the Scandinavian sleep method, couples sleep in the same bed, but they don’t share a comforter or duvet. Instead, they’ll forgo a top sheet and each has their own duvet. There won’t be any half-asleep fights over a comforter, and the change should help sleepers get more rest, especially since studies have found sharing a comforter does result in 30% more interrupted sleep.

The Scandinavian sleep method has other benefits as well. If you and your partner enjoy sleeping at different temperatures, you can opt for a lighter or heavier-weight comforter based on your needs. You also won’t have to forgo a single bed to improve sleep quality.

If you’re struggling to get great sleep with your partner, it might be time to go shopping for your own duvet.

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